Exclusive! CR Men’s Book Reveals Gender-Bending Cover

by Kristen Heinzinger
Girls will be boys for Issue 2 Spring/Summer of CR Men’s Book: Editrix Carine Roitfeld hand-picked her fave “It boys,” mod du moment Lucky Blue Smith and (a twist!) female mod and cover star Mica Arganaraz. Inside, the duo are photographed wearing the season’s most elegant eveningwear. Smith looks dapper per usual, while in a shot by Sebastian Faena, Arganaraz  looks fierce as Aerosmith lead Steven Tyler whose “lips are as iconic as his louche, agender style,” said Roitfeld.
“For this issue, I chose a new set of my favorite iconic male stars, those who’ve always displayed an uninhibited sense of style,” Roitfeld said. “Fashion is a vehicle for change, whether that’s challenging gender roles or expressing a new point of view. It’s about thinking differently, like putting a woman, Mica Arganaraz, on the cover of a men’s magazine.”

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