Watch Naomi Campbell Bend the Laws of Physics for Equinox Hotels

by Aria Darcella
Equinox Hotels

Equinox, the ultra-chic fitness club, is expanding into hospitality by launching hotels this year. To promote the new venture the brand tapped two fashion heavyweights to create a dazzling new ad teasing what to expect. Naomi Campbell stars in the video by Nick Knight, and it’s pretty clear that they were given complete creative license. The clip is visually stunning, and is SHOWStudio (Knight’s fashion platform) at its best.

“When I think of Equinox the brand, and specifically the hotel, I think about pushing human experience and pushing boundaries, testing limits,” said Knight. “I wanted Naomi to have something to push against. A virtual version of herself and all that makes Naomi, Naomi.”

Campbell defies the laws of physics while decked out in some cute outfits. The only thing missing is shots of the hotel itself. This is likely because the hotel won’t be open until June 2019. So far the brand is promising the ultimate luxury lifestyle experience. “Lifestyle hotels have grown up and luxury hotels have gotten younger in their outlook and experience,” explained Equinox Hotels CEO Christopher Norton in a statement. “As health becomes the new wealth, Equinox is uniquely positioned to define an emerging category that is disrupting the entire industry.”


From Norton’s description and Knight’s representation, we can kind of figure out what Equinox Hotels is all about.

Things we know for sure:

The food will be to die for. If Campbell enjoying all that delicious fruit wasn’t clear enough, the menu at the hotel’s restaurant and its room service will put a “dining philosophy of healthy indulgence.”

The rooms will be incredibly relaxing. Sleep is a focus for the hotel. Couture not included.

It will feature one of the largest Equinox Clubs to date. Honestly that one’s a given.

The lobby art is going to be stellar. C’mon, Equinox got Nick Knight to shoot this ad, and Steven Klein had shot campaigns for the club in the past. You don’t think the hotel won’t be decked out in some amazing fashion photography?

Things we still don’t know:

If they will validate parking.

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