Emma Stone Tries Speaking French, Announces the Winner of the 2018 LVMH Prize

by Charles Manning

Emma Stone was on hand at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris today to present the 2018 LVMH Prize to Japanese designer Masayuki Ino of Doublet. Stone delivered the news to the waiting reporters en français, which was, quite frankly, adorable.

“Hello. Im going to try to speak French, so please forgive me,” she said before valiantly making her way through her prepared statement. If you jump forward to the 9:55 mark on the video you can watch her do her thing. You can also see Louis Vuitton’s Nicolas Ghesquière in the background looking like a proud papa and chuckling good-naturedly as she pushes through those rough French pronunciations.

Karl Lagerfeld was also there and looked completely unimpressed and just generally over the whole thing.


Hey, French is hard! And at least Stone tried. Jayden Smith was also on hand and just spoke English. Not that he was under any obligation to attempt French. I’m just saying. If you want, you can jump to 8:20 and watch Smith present the Special Prize (aka runner up) to South Korean designer Rok Hwang of Rokh. It’s not that interesting, though. Like Lagerfeld, he seems pretty over the whole thing himself, but then again, that’s sort of his schtick, right? Whatever. It doesn’t really matter. What matters are the prizes and the designers who won them.

As the grand prize winner, Doublet’s Masayuki Ino receives €300,000 (about $353,000) and a year’s worth of mentoring, while Rok Hwang, the special prize winner, takes home €150,000 (about $177,000) and a year of mentoring.

Check out some looks from the winning designers’ recent collections below.

Doublet by Misayuki Ino:

Rokh by Rok Hwang:

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