Edward Enninful Makes His Directorial Debut with ‘Bridging the Gap’

by Kristen Heinzinger

An all-star cast got together for Gap’s newest campaign video, which marks Vogue UK EIC Edward Enninful’s directorial debut. Called “Bridging the Gap,” the campaign centers on a roster of superstars and how they like to style their classic white tee: Adwoa Aboah, Maria Borges, Christie Brinkley, Miles Chamley-Watson, Priyanka Chopra, Jonathan Groff, Wiz Khalifa, Fernanda Ly, Casil Mcarthur, Lineisy Montero, Ellen Rosa, Jasmine Sanders, Yara Shahidi, and Alek Wek.

“I love the optimistic American style that Gap celebrates and the simplicity of the basic white t-shirt that allows you to be yourself,” said Enninful. “Growing up, I loved the imagery I saw from America as it celebrated being the land of the free and home of the brave. This project is about authenticity and people living their truths.”

We caught up with two of the film’s stars, models Ellen Rosa and Maria Borges, about the new project…

What is your earliest memory of Gap?
Ellen: I loved the logo hoodies when I was very young. I also remember a campaign shoot with Cintia Dicker, and loved the colors in the picture so much. The brand felt so fun to me, and it very much still is.
Maria: Four years ago, when I first came to the USA, I didn’t have money, so once I started working I bought my uniform white tee-shirt and jeans, and that was it. That’s my everyday!

Had you worked with Edward before?
Ellen: I first met Edward backstage during my first season in New York. He treated me like he already knew me and was very down to earth. It’s always a pleasure to work with him and I love getting the chance to gain his knowledge about the business.
Maria: W
e’ve been working together since I started. He is just legendary. He is bringing, once again, diversity to the new campaign for Gap, which I am so honored to be a part of. We try to have fun on set and we got to hang out together every day.

What was the best part of the shoot?
Ellen: I loved shooting the dancing scene—we were all having so much fun, and we shared a lot of laughs backstage.
Maria: E
veryone on set. Each one of us comes from different backgrounds and different places. We have different sizes and different heights, and we all have different jobs. I had the opportunity to share a set with Priyanka [Chopra] and Wiz Khalifa, and I love both of them. They are awesome. It was my first time meeting Christie [Brinkley]. She’s so fun—I love her energy.

So how do you like to style your classic white tee?
Ellen: I wear it with high-waisted black jeans and sneakers.
I like a white tee that’s tight on my body. I’ll wear it with jeans, heels, and hoops, and sometimes a leather jacket.

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