Editor’s Pick: SK-II’s KARAN Limited Edition PITERA™ Welcome Kit

by Charles Manning

What: The perfect last-minute holiday gift, this skincare starter kit contains three of SK-II’s most popular products — Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (toner), Facial Treatment Essence, and R.N.A.POWER Cream (moisturizer) — in a playful, limited-edition package designed by artist Karen Singh.

Who: In a world full of beauty BS, SK-II is one of the few brands whose products actually deliver on their lofty promises of clearer, smoother, younger-looking skin. The secret is Pitera — a clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids derived from a strictly-controlled natural fermentation process. This miracle ingredient was discovered by chance when SK-II scientists noticed the soft and youthful hands of aged sake brewers surmised that the secret must lie in the yeast that the brewers’ hands were in constant contact with during the sake fermentation process. Five years of exhaustive research later, they managed to isolate the single yeast strain responsible for the gorgeous skin they had observed.


Karan Singh is an Australian visual artist and illustrator living in Amsterdam. Self-taught, Singh draws his inspiration from graphic design and op-art, resulting in bold, vibrant work that is both playful and minimalist.

Why: Believe the hype. Pitera really is a miracle in a bottle and the sooner you start using it, the better. As someone who was once a devoted user, stopped for a while, and then started again, I can assure you that the results are real. As someone with sensitive skin who is prone to breakouts when I moisturize or cleanse to excess, I can also tell you that this is one of the few products that hasn’t proved problematic for me. The Facial Treatment Essence goes on like water and feels so light and weightless, you’ll hardly believe it’s doing anything at all. But it is. It really is.

For those already indoctrinated into the cult of SK-II, Karan also designed a series of limited edition Facial Treatment Essence bottles, which can be purchased on SK-II’s website and wherever SK-II products are sold.

Where: SK-II

How (much): $110

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