Editor’s Pick: Simone Rocha for Hauser & Wirth Earrings

by Aria Darcella
Simone Rocha

What: 24 carat gold plated earrings by Simone Rocha for Hauser & Wirth, inspired by the sculpture of the late Louise Bourgeois.

Who: Simone Rocha made her London Fashion Week debut in 2010 after earning her MA in fashion at Central Saint Martins. Rocha has since earned critical acclaim, and an avid fan base, for her darkly romantic and unabashedly feminine designs. While she continues to present at London Fashion Week, her business is thriving globally. She opened her first store in NYC last year and is consistently one of the most compelling voices in Moncler’s Genius design group.

Louise Bourgeois was a French artist best known for her surreal sculptures and installations. She passed away in 2010 at the age of 98.

Why: These earrings are an art lover’s dream. The sculptures of Louise Bourgeois are so unique in their attention to form that it’s a surprise more fashion designers don’t use her as inspiration. What is most interesting about these earrings is that despite Bourgeois’ most famous pieces being made out of metal, Rocha chose two fabric sculptures — “Spiral Woman” from 2003 and “Untitled” from 1995 — to distill into minimalist gold lines. The result is a wonderful homage to Bourgeois’ enduring legacy.

Where: Hauserwirth.com and in-store at Simone Rocha.

How (much): $440

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