Editor’s Pick: Moroccanoil Shimmering Body Oil

by Freya Drohan

What: Fake it ’til you make it! These days, who has the time to lounge about in the heat all day to get their bronze on? Luckily, Moroccanoil has answered our prayers to the sun gods and delivered a heaven-sent shimmering body oil which will transform even the most ghostly pale Caspers in our midst. (Hint: it’s me. I’m the Casper.)

Who: It’s safe to say Moroccanoil put argan oil on the map. As the pioneer of oil-infused hair care, Moroccanoil’s original Moroccanoil Treatment created the worldwide buzz about the ingredient, which would go on to pave the way for a whole fleet of premium products. A lot has changed in the decade since the brand launched, but one thing that stays a staple is the divine signature fragrance that’s guaranteed in each and every bottle.

Why: Just one look at this enticing packaging will tell you all you need to know. Here lies an antioxidant-rich, glow-inducing argan and sesame oil that not only moistures and delivers a shimmering, sheeny finish synonymous with a week in St. Barths, but leaves your limbs delicately fragranced with the signature Moroccanoil scent. Save yourself the air fare—the secret to sexy summer skin is right here.

Where: moroccanoil.com

How much: $48

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