Editor’s Pick: HEAVENSAKE Premium Sake

by The Daily Front Row

What: HEAVENSAKE, the only premium collection of Franco-Japanese sakes on the market.

Who: Carefully blended in collaboration with Japan’s most renowned breweries, former Chef de Cave and co-founder of HEAVENSAKE, Regis Camus applies champagne craftsmanship to the noble art of sake-making; resulting in five super smooth sake blends meant to be enjoyed with everything from pizza and burgers to lobster and uni.

Why: Each expression of HEAVENSAKE falls into the Junmai (meaning pure) category; made from three simple ingredients (rice, water, and koji), and created with no distilled alcohol or added sugar. All expressions are sulfite-, gluten-, and additive-free, and are three times less acidic than wine—a ‘better high,’ if you will! Poured from super sleek custom glass bottles, HEAVENSAKE is chic on any table, perfect for any spirit-loving hosts too. And it’s already popular with the likes of Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajowski, A$AP Rocky, Dita Von Teese, and more. This summer, HEAVENSAKE, introduces a second Junmai Daiginjo to its portfolio; an even smoother iteration of their OG Daiginjo poured from an incredibly sleek black bottle with vibrant orange cap.

Where: heavensake.com & select retailers including Bowery & Vine, Erewhon, Trader Joe’s,  and Whole Foods.

How much: from $20 for Sake Baby to $85 for their Junmai Daiginjo.

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