Eddie Redmayne Loves MTV’s The Hills, Not So Sure About Heidi Montag

by Aria Darcella
Eddie Redmayne

W Magazine has released its annual Best Performances issue, highlighting a dozen or so acclaimed actors ahead awards season. Among the many cover stars are Nicole Kidman, Michael B. Jordan, and Amy Adams, as well as Eddie Redmayne, who revealed some unexpected television favorites.

Eddie Redmayne and Rami Malek (W Magazine, Tim Walker)

After advising readers that the “greatest YouTube hole to go down” is Leona Lewis’ run on The X Factor, the actor expressed his undying love for a certain early-2000s MTV reality hit. “I’m quite excited because The Hills, which is my original reality-TV guilty pleasure, is coming back,” he said. Then, as if to prove his fan cred, he added: “I had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Heidi Montag.”

Eddie Redmayne (W Magazine, Tim Walker)

Some other fun celebrity factoids? Saoirse Ronan’s horse in Mary Queen of Scots also starred in Wonder Woman. His name is Prince, and he is very judgmental. Lakeith Stanfield dresses up as the Joker from Batman for Halloween every year, and is sure he will be the star of the first black Joker movie. Steven Yeun might have psychic parking spot powers, while Jonah Hill’s favorite song is “Feliz Navidad.” Oh, and Claire Foy’s porn name is Thumper. The more you know!

Read the full story, here, and check out more of the covers, below:

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