Lady Gaga Is One Step Closer to Launching Her Beauty Empire

by Aria Darcella
lady gaga haus beauty

Lady Gaga fans are so close, and yet still so far, from finding out what Haus Beauty is. Though it is widely assumed to be Gaga’s debut makeup brand, it could easily also be a beauty vertical (with the star highlighting her favorite artists or hosting tutorials), or a skincare line. Hopefully some clarity will come soon — as a website for Haus Beauty launched Wednesday. Does it give any indication as to what the singer/actress’ plans for the brand are? Nope. At the moment the site is simply collecting email addresses.


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Gaga is certainly taking her time launching the line. News first leaked that her company, Ate My Heart Inc, took out a trademark on the name “Haus Beauty” months ago. Granted, her schedule has been pretty packed. Gaga spent the second half of 2018 promoting A Star is Born. Considering she’s up for two Golden Globes, it’s safe to say she’ll have a rather busy awards season next month. Currently she is doing a string of shows in Las Vegas. With all that on her plate, she likely won’t be officially launching a beauty line (or skincare, or both) until mid-spring.

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