Top Plastic Surgeon Calls BS on Social Media’s Favorite Beauty Products

by Ashley Baker

For the fashion elite, it’s been a long, hard month of globetrotting, back-to-back shows, and endless sefies. No wonder that the aftermath of Fashion Month can frequently manifest in tired, dehydrated, and listless skin! So the Daily asked Dr. Gerald Imber, the world-renowned plastic surgeon and director of NYC’s Youth Corridor Clinic, to help us regain some of our jeunesse

Dr. Gerald Imber

Dr. Imber, many of us could use a bit of a refresh. What are the latest, greatest non-invasive treatments you’re offering that help to rejuvenate the skin with minimal downtime?
The hot ticket is skin rejuvenation with Microneedling and PRP, especially the Secret RF Microneedling Treatment. This one non-invasive procedure totally resurfaces and rejuvenates skin immediately and it gets better every day.

Is it even worth it to use those home microneedling devices, given what you’re able to achieve with the professional-grade equipment?
The short answer is no. The home microneedling devices don’t do enough damage to do any good. The reality is a certain depth of skin injury is needed to build collagen and the home rollers don’t do it. The good news is professional microneedling leaves virtually no sign of injury but does the job.

Why is airplane travel particularly hard on the skin, and what are your best tips and products for counteracting its effects?
Air travel is about dry, dry, dry and the best protection is moisture and moisture retaining products. We suggest our Youth Corridor Retinultimate Gel ($450, as the best way to retain moisture in the skin, protect it from airplane air and build collagen at the same. Second best is to moisten skin and moisturizer, moisturizer, moisturizer.

What do you make of all of these quite expensive, “quick fix” masks that we’re seeing all over social media?
When I think of that sort of mask I think of a bank robber. They do virtually nothing and if they had any therapeutic value too much of the chemical elements would be forced into the skin. I am not a fan.

How has the advent of social media impacted the types of treatments you offer?
The classic example is the Vampire Facial and all of the better treatments it has spawned. Social media has allowed people to know what is out there—for better or for worse.

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