Penmanship 101 With Milly’s Michelle Smith

by Dena Silver
Milly - Michelle Smith

Care to beef up your summer wardrobe? Well, Milly‘s back in East Hampton for the second summer in a row, and is open for chic biz. We snagged a moment to chat with designer Michelle Smith to get her take on this summer’s best accessory…

What’s the hautest accessory in stock for Milly’s second Hamptons season?
My Milly for Dempsey & Carroll stationery collection! They’re very fun prints: a banana leaf, colorful leopard print, and zig zags.

How’s your handwriting?
Typical of most artists, my handwriting is barely legible. But still, handwritten notes are much more personal, and prettier, than a text!

Are you dressing patriotically for Memorial Day?
Of course! Everyone looks good in a striped mariner’s shirt. It’s an unwritten fashion rule.
Location: 54 Main St., East Hampton

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