How Alan Faena Is Shaking Up Miami

by Ashley Baker

Alan Faena is making summer in South Beach even hauter, thanks to a flurry of new offerings from the Faena District. Disrupting retail, energizing Swim Week, and making a splash at Coterie’s Miami debut are among his many pursuits.

First things first: What is new with the Faena Bazaar?
Our aim has always been to move people by creating experiences that challenge the way people relate to things, places, and each other. We have set out to create a cultural epicenter of Miami by generating a range of unique experiences. Faena Bazaar is an essential element of that mission. For this venture, I have collaborated with Maris Collective, a forward-thinking global retailer, in redefining the shopping experience, adding their unique vision for an innovative retail concept to our need to break free from boundaries that limit our creativity. We wanted to bring new life to the area by creating a curated mix of brands with a focus on emerging talent, while selecting special creations that translate the vision we share from a range of internationally coveted labels. Faena Bazaar complements the District’s unprecedented experiences, all of which are a result of the collaboration between some of the world’s most talented and creative minds.

Faena Bazaar

What inspired your decision to partner with Maris Collective during Coterie?
LeeAnn Sauter of Maris Collective, who is our partner at Faena Bazaar, had previously collaborated with Coterie, with great success. They have come together again to create a pop-up that will bring an interactive and dynamic multi-brand shopping destination to Miami Swim Week, which has never been done before. This will mark the debut of Coterie’s presence in Miami and through this collaboration they will transform the Faena Bazaar space into an experience that will ignite creativity and inspiration.

There’s a lot of programming this summer at the Faena Theater. How did the Sensatia cirque cabaret show come together?
Faena Theater symbolizes our commitment to bringing culture and extraordinary experiences to Miami Beach. The theater allows us to push our own boundaries and unleash our creativity through unique collaborations with the most spectacular minds of our time. I am proud of Sensatia, for it shows what great minds can do when they are encouraged to push limits. The interactive performance features dance, aerialists, music, and technology creating something that connects you to your deepest emotions and fantasies. I have always believed in the power of dreams, and the show beautifully portrays the magic of being able to transform dreams into reality.

How have you expanded your wellness offerings?
At Faena, we have a holistic approach to well-being, blending ancient healing rituals with the most advanced therapies to create a unique oasis in the most beautiful scenario. We are constantly researching cultures and rituals from around the world and creating ways of relating them to the needs and challenges of contemporary life for bringing meaningful experiences to our Tierra Santa Healing House.

Body Rituals Treatments

Any travel plans this summer?
I always try to connect with what I need. I do not plan in advance, other than trying to schedule my travels with my son’s vacations. I move constantly among Miami, New York, Buenos Aires, and Uruguay. Each destination gives something to me that I cannot find anywhere else. But who knows…maybe this summer I will explore new cultures and destinations. I need to breathe life to get inspired; I need to experience encounters that nurture my own creativity. Sometimes this means going back home to my family in Buenos Aires, and others embarking on a journey of discovery and transformation.

How does your wardrobe evolve during the summer?
I am constantly evolving. Clothes may or may not be a reflection of that.

Where do you go when you need to escape?
Uruguay always gives me the possibility of perspective and simplicity. My rose garden, my extended walks, nature untamed, and the powerful ocean captivate me and redefine the notion of time and urgencies. This is the place where I go to find my inspiration and to find myself. On those long walks, or those quiet evenings in front of the fire, I test the limits of my imagination, connect with my desires, and allow my dreams to start the quest of becoming true.

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