Madelaine Petsch Teases Riverdale Gossip As She Shows Us Her Latest Fabletics Line

by Julia Oakes

Madelaine Petsch has been keeping busy! While the Riverdale favorite tells The Daily that she’s been enjoying having more balance in her life thanks to weekends off—in the absence of events and red carpets—she sure had us fooled! Not only has she been filming the hit TV show in Vancouver, she’s recently released her second collection with Fabletics. How does she still find time for self-care, joy, and entertaining her audience of combined audience of 26 million (!!) followers on Instagram and YouTube? Well, we’re as keen to know as you are…

Tell us about your upbringing! When did acting come into the picture; was it always your dream?
I was very lucky to know my passion for the arts at a young age and was able to start my journey at three-years-old with dance classes and community theater at five-years-old. Continuously expressing my love for performing and acting to my parents, we started basing my after-school life around any arts we could find. Setting my sights on acting at a young age allowed me to spend my formative years working on my craft (as much as you can as a kid). I then attended a performing arts high school and soon after, I moved to L.A. to pursue acting full time. I couldn’t have done it without my parents, who supported my deepest passions.

You just launched your (second) Fabletics collection—so exciting! What was it like working with the team?
Yes, I did! I’m so thrilled with the final product. I truly love working with the Fabletics team. They really get me and my creative process. As always, it was really important to me to design each and every piece in the collection, down to the color of the stitching and the stitch itself. As they say, the devil is in the details! Fabletics let’s me take full creative control of my line and are absolute experts at executing everything to the highest quality!

Take us through the offering. What styles are involved?
I wanted to do a complete 180 from my last collection, which was a bright color and pattern story, and go for a softer, muted color palette with a ‘utility’ feel. Fashion meets function! One of my favorite designs is this gorgeous light brown outfit with cut outs on the hips of the leggings and a double layered sports bra; it feels so different and fun to wear. Another favorite of mine is this amazing forest green two-piece outfit, the Peyton SculptKnit Long Sleeve Top and the High Waisted Legging, it’s more scandalous than I would usually make, due to all the mesh holes throughout the two pieces. It’s going down the legs and all over the top leaving a solid bikini style to cover. Not only is it great for ventilation but I get really excited to put it on! My last favorite I’ll share is a gorgeous pale blue outfit with leggings, bra, and a jacket that has almost robotic-looking lines all over.


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What’s your favorite piece? Are you wearing it out and about too?
This is such a difficult question to answer. I’d say one of my favorites is my High Waisted Pureluxe Mesh Leggings in Iron, with the side panel cut out. I wear them all the time to work out in, but they’re also a great statement piece to wear with a pair of chunky combat boots and a black sweatshirt and blazer combo!

How important is fashion to you? What kind of brands do you love and why?
I love fashion, it’s a great way to express myself. This year I feel like in my day to day life, I’ve found having more of a ‘uniform’ makes getting up and out of bed easier, and using statement pieces to change it up and keep it fun keeps me on my toes. I, of course, like classics like Prada and Dior, but I also have been really getting into brands like Source Unknown, MISBHV, Maje, Saks Potts, and Ben Taverniti Unravel Project. I love brands that are always trying new things and each drop is different, making pieces that I wouldn’t already have in my closet and that I’m excited to style.

Let’s talk self care! How do you make time for yourself to just be? What brings you the most joy?
It’s definitely tough to make time for myself. I love working, but I’m really learning that it’s equally important in my work to take breaks. I always, always make sure I set aside an hour a week for my therapy session. That’s really important to me. I also love setting aside an hour before bed to read a book or journal. Meditation also helps me to feel still and happy! Reading a good book or working out brings me the most joy, or making a home cooked meal for myself! It’s so rewarding.


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It’s been a rough period for everyone, but has there been positives/silver linings for you too?
Yes, it has definitely been challenging. Something I find myself grateful for is, obviously, Riverdale. Right now it’s so nice to be up in Vancouver and able to work. Even more so, this is the first season where I haven’t been traveling every weekend back to L.A. for events and what not, so it’s the first season where I’ve been able to enjoy my weekends at home and take care of myself! So I’m very grateful for that time and for the cast. It’s been nice having such a solid group to lean on in this time.

You’ve a major following on YouTube! Does this platform help people distinguish you from Cheryl Blossom?
Yes! I started making YouTube videos to help people see my actual personality, and then I just really enjoyed the whole process so I continued making them.  

Speaking of Cheryl Blossom—what’s in store for Riverdale? Any juicy teasers you can share?
Hmmm I can’t say much, but I will say she’s locking lips with someone and it’s not who you think.

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