Sincerely Jules Shares Her Holiday Traditions, 2022 Wishes, And What’s New With Her Latest Bandier Collab

by Freya Drohan

The OG style blogger, Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules, is still the go-to on Instagram for fashion and lifestyle inspiration. As someone who pioneered the laidback luxe California look in the aughts (denim and camo! sequins and rock tees!) it’s only fitting that the mega influencer would look to her home state to form the jumping off point for her latest collection with Bandier. We got the lowdown on what to expect from the offering—and how she puts her signature polished spin on it. Plus! We couldn’t leave without sneaking some holiday dressing tips…don’t worry, she’s got you covered! 

Tell us about your third collection with Bandier! What was on the moodboard this time?
This collection is about comfort, and playing with colors inspired by California in the fall. I love a muted or statement monochrome look, so I worked with that concept in creating the tonalities for these basic sets. I really like that athletic fits are having a spotlight moment. Designing with this as the creative center of this collection was inspiring and really cool to do.

If you could only pick one favorite from the line, what would it be?
I’ve been wearing the juniper crewneck and sweatpant kit in the leopard print on repeat! It’s warm, comfortable, and I love it with some chunky gold accessories, in the form of either an earring, or some bracelets paired with a messy braid and sneakers. The leopard pattern is a great way to add some variation to the fall mood!

You always have the best styling hacks! How do you make athleisure work outside the studio?
Thank you! I am a believer that you can work with all types of fits, by adding your own personal upgrades, and additions. My Bandier collections really do have something for everyone. Athleisure works! There’s definitely many creative ways to style and put together a baggier fit, or even the two piece athletic sets beyond a workout. I’ll add a piece of outerwear like the sherpa jacket, or tie a sweater around the shoulders to elevate the form-fitting pieces. Jewelry makes a big difference when it comes to casual wear as well. Accessorize if you want to dress it up!

What’s the most cliché Californian thing about you?
Hmm, there are probably more than I know about, but for starters, I’d say I’ve adapted the laid back attitude that California is known for. I also love Mexican food!

What does your perfect day in LA look like?
Getting outside, hiking, brunch, or lunch somewhere delicious, hitting an outdoor market for fresh flowers and veggies, and a good drive to soak up the beautiful landscapes that we are spoiled by in and around LA!

How does wellness/balance come into your life?
I’m pretty passionate about self-care. I believe in practicing healthy habits such as eating right, exercising, incorporating movement and living an active lifestyle. I feel striking a balance is important. Getting enough rest, as well as enjoying things and treating yourself in moderation.

Are you a fitness fan? 
Yes, I love fitness and I crave a good workout! I enjoy running or a long hike for cardio. I love boxing, resistance training, and I like to switch up my routine to keep it interesting.

What are your holiday plans?
Spending time with family, friends, and loved ones. We’ll be going to and hosting a few parties. I’ve some light travel for work, but overall it’s going to be a mellow season this year, in LA at home just enjoying quality time and rest.

Is there anything in particular you’re excited to celebrate with your family this season?
I love the holidays. Every year I see it as a time to be present and truly enjoy my family, my husband, and our close friends. We all exchange gifts, cook, eat together and celebrate!

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?
Decorating the tree, and spending quality time with my nieces and nephews.

What fall fashion pieces are you leaning towards the most right now?
I’ve been leaning towards a tailored, pleated menswear-style pant. There’s something alluring about a draped pant silhouette, with a heel peeking out of the hem. I’ve been loving this look, and I think it’s a great statement style to play with for fall.

Can you give us some tried-and-true party season outfit tips?
I love big, fun, statement earrings, headbands, an over the top dress shoe, and anything sparkly. A larger sleeve on a dress, or adding some kind of elegant drama to your look is definitely a ‘do’ when it comes to holiday styling. The festive season demands adventurous dress up—go for it!

What’s on your fashion wishlist for the holidays?
My dream bag, the green Goyard large tote.

What about non-fashion things—what’s your biggest wish/dream for 2022?
Starting a family and expanding my collaboration with Bandier into something bigger, like a stand alone brand, since it’s been highly successful!

Lastly, what’s your bucket list travel destination for 2022?
Would love to see the Maldives, the Canary Islands, or Seychelles!

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