Chloe King on Revamping Social Media and Content for Fashion’s Biggest Brands

by The Daily Front Row

The secret to great #content? Follow these hacks from experts on both sides of the camera. First up: Chloe King, whose dream resume involves power player roles at The Webster and Bergdorf Goodman.

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How did you land at Bergdorf Goodman, twice?

My first job in NYC was with the Tibi PR office—a supporting role in a traditional PR sense. It was an amazing learning experience, watching every team in action making a collection come to life. As Instagram started to heat up, I offered to tackle Tibi’s account; quickly, that became my full-time job. After Tibi, I looked after social media at Bergdorf Goodman, growing its audience, planning the content strategy, and collaborating with brands and influencers. After BG, I joined The Webster as content director, overseeing editorial across all channels. I loved getting to build creative from a more holistic view. More recently, I’ve joined Linda Fargo in the Bergdorf Goodman Fashion office. I help her cover market, find new talent, and piece together the messaging that BG wants to stand for as a retailer every season—trends, key items, and industry news.

What is Linda like as boss?
She’s the best! I loved supporting her, even before I was officially on her team. She is warm, sharp, curious, and an endless depth of creativity. She pushes me to think critically and be intentional with my work. There is nothing more valuable than finding someone you can speak the same language with in a creative field. She takes an idea and builds, builds, builds, until it’s 10 times better than where you started.

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You grew BG’s social presence majorly, tripling Instagram followers in a year and a half and eclipsing follower counts of competitors. How did you accomplish that?
Partially just good timing—people were starting to broaden their social followings beyond friends and family to see what their favorite brands had to say. When BG launched social, it was primarily used as a selling tool. The quickest win I pitched for audience growth was to pivot to more storytelling. Bergdorf Goodman is an iconic institution with unbelievable history, so lure people in. Then sell them the shoes!

How do you think Instagram has changed how people shop?
Instagram has certainly heightened the appetite for discovery—going to your favorite store isn’t enough, now you have the opportunity to follow women you admire all over the globe to see what they’re wearing and check out which brands they like. I think Instagram has also increased the speed at which a brand or specific item can “take off.” In traditional advertising, there is a rule of three regarding conversion. On average, it takes a consumer seeing a product three times, like on a billboard, magazine ad, or commercial before deciding to purchase. Now those three times can happen in 30 seconds scrolling through your feed!

How have you evolved your personal social strategy?
Because my work in social is so strategic, pitched, and approved, my personal is a spontaneous outlet, just for fun! Hopefully it’s an honest reflection of what I love—friends, family, fashion, art, advocacy. I don’t overthink it, and it’s not for everyone, but that’s okay!

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