Victoria Brito Is Ready to Change the Narrative Around the Male-Dominated World of Sneakerheads

by The Daily Front Row

Victoria Brito segued from model to influencer to share her deep passion for sneakers and more with the world. Next up? A jewelry line and, eventually, complete social media domination.

Victoria Brito (Courtesy)

What’s your modeling experience been like?
I started modeling at age 12; it’s been a crazy life, to say the least, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! One of the most memorable for me is shooting with Bruce Weber for W.

How did you become a full-fledged sneakerhead?
Hi, my name is Victoria, and I have a sneaker problem! I became obsessed with sneakers at a young age. My first pair was a white low-top Nike Air Force 1, and I wore them until they ripped. That’s when my research began, and it’s been an addiction ever since.

How do you navigate the male-dominated sneaker space?
Yes, sneaker culture is super male influenced, and I’m realizing more now that there’s a desperate need for female voices. I’m so glad I get to push the culture. It’s time to change the narrative on sneakers.

What was the first really pivotal pair you purchased?
One of my favorite, most important sneakers is the Undefeated Kobe Bryant x Nike collaboration sneaker. RIP, Kobe. He was and will always be my favorite player! He changed the narrative, which I really respect about him, and try to do in my work. Those sneakers meant the world to me when I got them, and they mean everything to me now.

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Any pointers for creating great sneaker content?
Be natural with your sneaker shots, and don’t overanalyze it. Sneaker culture can be fickle, and they’ll be the first to let you know you’re trying too hard for clout. You gotta be organic! And I use the Melbourne and Jakarta filters; you can never go wrong with those.

Tell us about your upcoming collab with jewelry brand Pietra.
I can’t wait to release it. Expect the unexpected! Everyone’s been extremely helpful with all my wild ideas. I get really excited when I see my designs come to life! It’s insane the things I’ve learned so far. There’s no limit to what I want to do and what they’re able to create.

Victoria Brito (Courtesy)

How would you describe your loyal followers?
A lot of men follow me. I’m a huge sports fan; I talk about it all the time. Being a girl who knows her stuff is cool!

What’s the most impactful feedback you’ve gotten from followers?
A female follower told me my videos inspire her, make her laugh, and forget whatever negativity is going on in her life.

What else do you want to tackle in your career?
I want to keep inspiring girls. Be you, be authentic! I want to write a book, keep collaborating with incredible brands, and continue to push and change the narrative. Also, I have a great idea for my own sneaker design!

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