Chiara Ferragni on Making Her Costume Design Debut—on Ice!

by Sydney Sadick

There’s no stopping Chiara Ferragni! The blogger turned designer is now getting her feet wet in the world of costume design via a new collaboration with Italian lingerie giant Intimissimi, which tapped Ferragni as costume designer for its iceskating spectacular in October called Itimissimi on Ice, starring Olympic ice skaters. Here’s what Ferragni has to say on her new project… 

Chiara, how did you react when you heard about this opportunity?
When Intimissimi approached me asking me to be part of this project I was super excited. I don’t have experience as a costume designer but, I’m excited to try out this new experience.

What kind of design perspective are you hoping to bring to the show?
I took inspiration from today’s fashion and lot from the Nineties glamour, like Versace’s golden years with Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer. The theme and title of the event is “A Legend of Beauty.” We are celebrating women with a strong personality from the Greek period, like Aphrodite, Athena, and Daphne, but with a contemporary twist.

How many costumes are you making?
We are working on around 60 sketchesOne of my favorite costumes is Daphne’s. I love her story and the character and the dress faithfully tells the story and her personality. Her costume is charming and feminine like her, but at the same time the details show what is going to happen when she meets Apollo. You’ll have to watch it to see how the story goes!

Did you face any challenges working with lingerie?
My main challenge was to find and design the best outfits that not only truthfully represent the women in the story but were also feminine and comfortable for the skaters.

What are you earliest memories of Intimissimi?
Intimissimi is an Italian brand that I knew since I was young. I love all its campaigns! They feature some of the most beautiful women in the world, from Bianca Balti to Irina Shayk. They really know how to enhance women’s curves and celebrate the female body using precious fabrics.

You’ve attended their ice skating show before—tell us what they’re like!
I’ve been attending the Intimissimi On Ice show for the past two years, but only as part of the audience. Every Intimissimi On Ice show has been a memorable experience, from the location to the gathering of so many talents to the amazing outfits. It’s a pleasure for me to be part of this project!

How are your ice skating skills?
I love to watch ice-skating but I am not a professional one. I loved to skate with my sisters during our childhood.

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