Chanel Couture Fall 2014

by Paige Reddinger
Chanel Haute Couture 2015

Chanel Haute Couture 2015

Le Courbusier and concrete. Those were the themes swirling inside Karl Lagerfeld‘s head when creating this season’s Chanel Couture looks. In terms of the setting, the result was much more pared down from his previous extravagances like a full-blown supermarket or art gallery. The backdrop featured two faux fireplaces and a pair of decorative mirrors against a concrete wall and a blue sky. As for the clothing, it was a mix of rigid courtly clothing (a Couture trend thus far) and laid-back modern style.

Regal coat dresses and skirt suits were worn over biker shorts and every single look was worn with flats, which was a continuation of thought for the modern woman from his last Couture show, in which the shoe of choice was a sneaker. The forms were somewhat rigid, especially in bell-shaped skirts and even more so in the beautiful Baroque-style white evening gowns, which bowed at the hips. The finale featured seven-months-pregnant model Ashleigh Good in a stunning wedding dress with gold embellishments down the front and a cape that cascaded down the back, fit for a queen (no doubt, there were probably some queens or at least a few princesses perched in the audience). Other takes on the concrete theme surfaced in the form of pewter-colored dresses and skirts, like a floor-length number fit rigidly across the shoulders. The collection was topped off with punky short coifs, care of Sam McKnight, with bonnets fastened at the back of the head. It was, as always, a look back and a look forward with the Kaiser, which is why he’s concretely fashion’s crowned king.

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