Cannes-Do Attitude! With Stefano Tonchi

by The Daily Front Row

The W EIC chats about his post-Cannes summer plans and cultural to-dos on his radar…

What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?
I’ll be in Cannes until the day before Memorial Day, so I’m planning to just stay in bed for two days in the Hamptons!

Do you go out East off-season much?
Absolutely. Actually, I’m not going to spend any time in July and August out there. In July, I’m traveling for couture and then going to Aspen, and in August, we’ll be in Italy. The Hamptons in July and August don’t belong to the New Yorkers!

Let’s talk culture. What’s on your radar?
I want to go back to Italy to see the Biennale again and return to the Prada museum because it’s really exceptional and unique.

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