Candice Huffine Doesn’t Get Fashion’s No-Smile Policy

by Taylor Harris

On Tuesday night, Candice Huffine attended an intimate dinner hosted by Schutz at the Gramercy Park Hotel to celebratie the launch of her friend and stylist Micaela Erlanger’s new book, “How to Accessorize.” We caught up with Huffine before the meal to talk teeth, diamonds, and burgers. 

What’s it like working with Micaela?
She’s obviously incredible. I feel so lucky that she has time to work with me. She’s also just like so humble. She’s very undercover in a way, like I had no idea she was dressing all these fabulous people for the Oscars. She crushed it.


What stood out to you about Micaela? Why did you want to work with her in the first place?
I had always had trouble in the past finding people who understood my style. I felt like stylists wanted to dress me too classically because of my curves. And I’m not here for that excuse. Micaela wasn’t held back at all and instantly I was like, this girl gets me.

Candice Huffine and Micaela Erlanger at Tuesday night’s dinner (BFA)

What’s the priciest accessory she’s ever put on you?
I cannot even with this story — she put me in these really incredible hand wraps for the CR Fashion Book calendar release party this past December. They were like cuffs with claws. They were real stones and diamonds and for some reason, I didn’t know. I thought they were costume!  I was Kira Kira-ing them all night having the time of my life. I went and ate a burger with them on after the event. So the next day I wrote Micaela like, ‘I’m loving these pieces. How much are they? I may just want to keep them and buy them’ I get the quote and I was like, um no. Woops!

Fire and (D)ice. 😉🔥❄️ @preciousleexoxo

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What’s your most prized accessory?
It’s going to sound cheesy but my smile. Isn’t that so cliché? But it’s true! I feel like so many people go out and try to project a certain air about them, some fabulous life of glamour and I don’t get why not smiling is a part of that. Why are we all not smiling?

Fashion people hate smiling with their teeth showing. It’s peculiar.
I’ve ditched that because I’m not good at that look — the closed mouth, begrudging smile thing. I look back at red carpet photos [where I’ve tried it] and I look super uncomfortable, super awkward. My mouth gets tense and it’s like I’m dressed to the nines and I look like I don’t even want to be there. It’s not cute.

We’ve all gotten endless orthodontic work for nothing!
Yeah, I’m big on teeth. I’m wanting to transition to charcoal toothpaste. I recently asked a girl with very white teeth what she does and she said that. I tried it once and it was pretty gnarly. It’s fun for an Instagram Boomarang but I don’t know if I can get used to it.

Plus, more pics from last night’s soiree!

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