Influencer Brittany Xavier’s INSPR Collection is Here!

by Hannah Smith
Brittany Xavier

Influencer and Instagram star, Brittany Xavier, has launched a super chic new line with Macy’s and INSPR that’s got your covered for the holidays. We sat down to chat with Xavier about what made her want to design, what we’ll see in the collection, and how she’ll be winding down at the end of the year. 

What was your exact role with the collection?
I was definitely the creative control behind all the designs. Picking the colors and the materials,  but not so much the actual production side.

What would you say was the biggest challenge in this entire process?
Definitely narrowing it down to exactly what I wanted! I have so many things that I want to wear and so many specifics! I really wanted it to be holiday focused so someone can wear something to a fun holiday event but also wear it beyond that. I tried to keep that in mind, something that I want to wear to a party but also feel really comfortable in.

How would you describe the aesthetic?
I would say Studio 54  glam, but also very wearable. There’s definitely a lot of high waist looks, there’s structure in the shoulder, and lots of jewel tones. I love the satin and rich fabrics like the velvet.  

What sort of feedback have you been getting?
Great! People are really curious about sizing, they’re asking will it be available in Canada, I’m getting a lot of specific questions! People have been asking me if it’s affordable, so they’re thinking as if they’re gonna buy it. They wanna know if it’s in their price range. But I feel like people have been really excited, especially the followers, and I sent out the line sheets to my friends for an event and they’re really into it.

Did you pull inspiration from your personal closet?
When we were fist doing the planning, I pulled all the pieces from my closet as far as things that I would want wear but I also was inspired by things I’m missing from my closet. You’ll see in my closet, it’s a lot of comfortable fabrics, but nice material.  I’m very practical in the sense that I don’t wanna wear something I’m pulling at or is itchy because then I feel like I’m not gonna wear it again.  I want pieces that are quality and comfort, but also really cool. I would definitely say the whole collection is inspired by what I want to wear and what I feel comfortable telling my followers to get too because I don’t wanna put my name behind anything that I’m not 100% in front of.

Brittany Xavier (Carolina Palmgren)

How did you celebrate hitting 1 million followers on Instagram?
We did a really fun low key dinner with my team, my manager, my assistant, and my husband who shoots all my photos.

How do you feel about the current Instagram algorithm?
I definitely loved it more when it was chronological. I feel like I had it so pinned down in regards to what days and times worked — it was just so easy!  Now it’s different, but it’s a good reminder to keep evolving and try new things. You can sit and complain so much about how you wish it was the old way, but this is just how it is now, so you have to adapt. I really think it’s important to be engaging with my audience even more now, because they might not have seen my post before or they’re gonna see the other one a few hours later, so I really utilize InstaStories, respond to DMs, and responding to comments. I try to make the followers a part of my life beyond posting a photo and hoping they engage.

Do you have any favorite apps for editing or prepping?
I love snapfeed and VSCO! I love the FP series on VSCO, it’s what I usually use to edit my photos. I don’t really prep my feed as far as a grid, but I do think about trying to keep my posts well rounded. If I’ve done a few fashion photos, then I try to do beauty to give more variety. 

Do people ever tell you that you look like Dua Lipa?
I get it quite a bit! Even last night, my waiter thought I was her!  

What are you doing and wearing for the holidays?
I’ll definitely be wearing my collection. I’m really excited about it. We’re going to Mammoth with my family to go skiing for Christmas, so we’re definitely gonna be more bundled up for the holidays this year. I grew up in California so I’ve never actually had a snowy Christmas before, so I’m excited. I like the snow when it’s convenient. I don’t like to trudge through it during meetings, but I love it if you have a fireplace and you can plan for it. I’m excited to do something different!

Brittany Xavier (Carolina Palmgren)

Shop the collection at,, and inside the market at select Macy’s stores now. The locations are:

  • Seattle, WA                        Alderwood Mall
  • Los Angeles, CA                Century City Mall
  • Las Vegas, NV                    Fashion Show Mall
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL            Galleria Mall
  • New York, NY                    Herald Square
  • San Francisco, CA             Hillsdale Mall
  • Boston, MA                        North Shore Mall
  • San Antonio, TX                North Star Mall
  • Pittsburgh, PA                   Ross Park Mall
  • Detroit, MI                          Twelve Oaks Mall
  • Orange County, CA         Westminster Mall

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