Donatella Just Brought Back Two of Versace’s Sexiest Dresses

by Aria Darcella

For the past few seasons Donatella Versace has been hitting fans with a healthy dose of nostalgia. She’s been crafting recreations of some of the house’s best-known looks, and just yesterday she put a new twist on a house icon: the safety-pin dress! Yes, for Pre-Fall 2019, which was shown last night in New York City, the designer has brought back a dress that was an absolute scandal in the ’90s. Behold, the update:

safety-pin dress

Versace Prefall 2019 (firstVIEW)

The original dresses were designed by Gianni for his Spring 1994 collection. One of them went on to become a pop-culture icon when Elizabeth Hurley wore it on the red carpet that year. In 2012 Lady Gaga introduced it to a new generation when she wore it. Donatella didn’t stop at the dress though — the ’94 collection featured safety-pins on an array of sexy wares, including blazers, and the Versace matriarch made sure to give us updated versions of those looks as well.

But that wasn’t the only notable Versace style Donatella resurrected. She also dipped in to her own cannon, giving us a new version of this dress:

Versace Prefall 2019 (firstVIEW)

Look familiar? That’s because it’s an update on the iconic green dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammy Awards in 2000. Here’s a refresher:


Ugh, yes! Please keep bringing back the classics! Here’s the rest of Donatella’s Pre-Fall 2019 collection:

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