Bloomingdale’s Is The First NYC Retailer To Carry Sarah Jessica Parker’s SJP Collection

by Dena Silver

As far as NYC icons go, the yellow cab and the Empire State Building rank pretty high. But among a certain set of New Yorkers, Bloomingdale’s and Sex and the City are much more important icons. That chic group will be ecstatic to learn that Sarah Jessica Parker‘s line of kicks, SJP Collection, will now be available to shop in Manhattan at (you guessed it!) Bloomingdale’s.

Yesterday, SJP took to Instagram to tease her forthcoming partnership, which some assumed to hint at the possibility of a third SATC  flick. Turned out, Parker was frolicking on Bloomies’ marquee at 59th Street and twirling on a yellow cab for the sake of shoes. She was also shooting the launch campaign for her SJP range, which will hit racks mid-June. And good news for those diehard Carrie fans out there: SJP will be making a personal appearance in-store this coming September. Prepare your soles…

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