Michael Kors Celebrates His New Campaign With Bella Hadid

by Aria Darcella
Bella Hadid Michael Kors

Last night, Michael Kors threw a party at Dolby Soho to launch his Spring 2019 campaign featuring Bella Hadid. Guests including Camilla Bell, Stefano Tonchi, Amanda Murphy, TK Wonder, and Cipriana Quann enjoyed a high-tech immersive experience that took them inside the campaign, and celebrated the modernization of the designer’s trademark “jet set” lifestyle. “Today you don’t actually have to get in a vehicle to move,” Kors told The Daily. “The new jet set is just about the fact that your life is all about speed, whether you are on a plane or you’re looking at Instagram checking something out.”

What was clear from the evening was that Kors and Hadid have a lot of love for each other. Kors praised her work ethic, calling her smart, fun, and curious, while Hadid praised Kors as an excellent source of fashion knowledge. “[He] knows so many things, and has so many stories,” she said. “That’s my favorite part about Michael. It’s all the stories he tells and just being able to be next to him and feel his energy.” One had to know — among the stories Kors told, did he spill any secrets about himself?


“Michael’s afraid of heights!” Hadid was quick to exclaim.

I’ve been outed!” He joked, before confirming. “It’s true, I am. Not good to have terraces and be afraid of heights. What can I say?” 

Check out a few images from the new campaign, below.

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