As the world recovers, Lootie’s Superiority Looms Over eCommerce

by DN News Desk

A hard hit world emerges from a COVID-struck dystopia: slowly, parts of the world are returning to normal. The vaccine is being rolled out across multiple countries, protecting the old and vulnerable. However, despite all this, governments have still not deemed it safe to reopen stores in most of the world. Brick and mortar businesses, especially mom and pop shops, have had to shut down, and a select few have even gone bankrupt. Customers are no longer able to engage in the usual pleasures of strolling into a shopping centre and picking out something to buy. The fun and magic involved in in-person shopping still isn’t possible, despite the leaps and bounds we have made with COVID cases.

Even though things are slowly getting back to where they used to be, there’s still something majorly lacking — a sense of fun. Everything is still wrapped in red tape, with strict safety protocols wherever we go to be in line with COVID precautions. In real life, nothing really feels normal or freeing anymore, and virologists suspect it’ll be at least a few months before things really start reverting to the mean, if even. That’s why consumers all over the world have turned to a new alternative for getting their eCommerce needs fulfilled.

Lootie is a brand new mystery box platform that allows consumers to completely switch up their current shopping experience. The way we currently view shopping is boring and monotonous — it involves looking through categories of items, siphoning out the good ones, looking up their features, advantages, and disadvantages on multiple review sites — not to mention, we also need to figure out a trusted place to purchase them. All of this makes the shopping experience extremely cumbersome and leeches the fun out of everything. Lootie solves all of these problems in one fell swoop. Let’s look into how exactly this has been achieved.

First comes the mystery box model, which is really quite simple yet quite brilliant. Customers can pick from a series of mystery boxes, each with their own category, ranging from Apple box to Supreme box, or from Gaming box to Hypebeast box. Each box gives you a list of potential items beforehand, so you know that you’re guaranteed to get something cool no matter what. The fun part is — the item you actually receive at your door will be a complete mystery, and you won’t know what it is before you purchase it. This is really cool because most people have never experienced nor thought of shopping in this manner. Shopping has always been a really simple and boring ordeal, especially when it comes to online shopping. Lootie has taken this concept and turned it upside down, instead packing tons of fun into a really basic yet elegant method of delivery.

Sure, we can all agree that the mystery box model is definitely more fun and entertaining than any other method of shopping, mainly due to the suspense. But how exactly is Lootie working to solve the other aforementioned problems that the eCommerce industry is plagued with? Well, it’s important to understand how eCommerce is flawed in its current logistical methods. Most major eCommerce stores like Shopify, Amazon, eBay, etc. are merely aggregations of third-party retailers who ship out items to customers on request. There are definitely some authorized and verified retailers, but the vast majority of people on these platforms are simple people like you and I, rather than proper manufacturers. Not to mention, in this troubling pandemic period where everyone is strapped for cash, a lot of people have decided to open up dropshipping businesses and online stores. It’s not that this is a bad thing — it’s just, you’re now far less likely to order something directly from an authentic manufacturer. Lootie solves all of this by bypassing all of the middlemen and going directly to the source of the matter. That’s right — all of Lootie’s products are sourced directly from the authentic manufacturer, which means you don’t need to spend time hopping from site to site trying to figure out which one is the most trusted. All of the trusted sources are aggregated in one place for you, ready for you to access with ease. It’s the Lootie guarantee — all items are going to be authentic, since they use verification procedures to make sure they’re that way. And if they’re ever not, of course, you are entitled to a full refund or replacement at any time!

The boring, scary, and fraudulent eCommerce scene has spooked customers for quite some time and has even discouraged merchants to some extent. Lootie has solved all of this by creating a one stop shop platform for merchants to gain traction for their products and for customers to find a lot of trusted tech and streetwear brands in one place, while having immense fun! There’s so much to love about Lootie — we can’t tell you everything here, but you can discover all of it for yourself by signing up for a account.

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