Editor’s Pick: LØCI Vegan Luxury Sneakers

by The Daily Front Row

What: Sleek. Sustainable. Sneakers! If you start to keep your eyes peeled around city streets, we bet you’re noticing a certain distinctive logo popping up time and time again when it comes to footwear. Meet new brand to know, LØCI; a pioneering, better-for-the-planet company that even Leonardo DiCaprio has bet big on.

Who: Despite being just over one year in, ethical British fashion brand LØCI is on track to truly disrupt the industry with its focus on luxury sneakers that are derived from recycled, renewable, and biodegradable materials. Last month, LØCI raised a £4 million seed round (approx. $4.5 million) as investors clamored to get behind its mission of delivering stylish, cruelty-free sneaks.


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Why: We’ve touched on sustainability, we’ve mentioned their luxury aesthetic, but we haven’t yet talked about how the brand also donates 10% of online profits to wildlife conservation charities! Furthermore, the company, which has so far redirected almost 1,000,000 plastic bottles into the manufacturing of sneakers, operates with a profit share model that has enabled organizations like SEE Turtles to save over 100,780 new hatchlings. What more could you ask of your footwear?!

Where: lociwear.com

How much: from $190

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