André Leon Talley Talks Sex, Love, and Anna To Vanity Fair

by The Daily Front Row

The current issue of Vanity Fair features an interview with André Leon Talley who opens up to them about his sex life and rejecting the label of being gay. He explains that he has had gay experiences, but he’s never slept with a designer: “I swear on my grandmother’s grave that I never slept with a single designer in my life. Never, ever desired, never was asked, never was approached, never, ever bought, in my entire career. Never. Not one. Skinny or fat. Never.” NEVER, PEOPLE! NEVER!!! He also tells contributing editor Vanessa Grigoriadis that he’s never loved a man, but he did fall for a woman he met when studying in Providence and another society woman who he met in Manhattan while out dancing one night. Another shocking revelation is about Anna Wintour‘s hair. “Ms. Wintour has had her bob since she was in her 20s,” he explains. “I have never seen her hair pulled back. Never. Not even at tennis.” Maybe that’s not so shocking. 

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