A Mega Moment! With Carine Roitfeld

by The Daily Front Row

Can’t get enough Carine? Join the club. We chatted up the freshly-minted Bazaar-ette after her titillating Q&A with Jay Fielden on Monday for an exclusive, additional dose of la vie en Roitfeld. 

Bazaar gets the first dose of Carine as global fashion director—16 pages worth!—in the March issue. Are you happy with the outcome?
I hope it’s going to be a success—it’s the very first one, and some people may be expecting a huge thing. It’s very, very simple and sharp.

Has your new gig changed your rapport with Stephen Gan?
It’s so good to have a friend in this difficult business. Stephen has always protected me from all business problems. So I’m able to make my dreams happen. We will have a cocktail sometimes. He doesn’t talk about the drama.

What’s it like working with Glenda?
We’re not friends; we’ve never been friends. But we’ve crossed paths more and more—at shows, Stephen wants Glenda on one side and me on the other. It’s not easy for an editor-in-chief to have someone come in and suddenly have 16 pages in their magazine, so I hope everyone stays happy. I’ve never tried to steal anything from anyone.

How are you juggling Bazaar and CR Fashion Book?
At CR, I’m totally free to be all my craziness, and we’re only talking to a few people with the magazine—15,000 copies. CR and Bazaar are totally different worlds. I work with new photographers and hair and makeup people in CR, and then it’s a dream for them to get featured in Bazaar. That’s what happened with our hairstylist: he worked with me on CR, and then I had him come work with me on my first portfolio for Bazaar. That’s a gift!

Have you spent much time at the Hearst Tower?
I’ve never been to the cafeteria! I knew of the [Hearst] building, of course, but I never had a reason to go inside when I was working at Condé Nast for 10 years.

Where are you hanging out around town lately?
I’m still staying at The Mark; I like to live the hotel life! I’m very faithful to places like Mr. Chow, and I think the Four Seasons bar is the most beautiful one in town. And I just tried the most delicious restaurant, Marea: their warm sea urchin on toast is the most sensual food I’ve ever eaten in my entire life.

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