Getting Nostalgique! Back in '03…

by The Daily Front Row

It’s a heady year and we’re feeling a little nostalgique! Back in 2003, when The Daily was busy being conceived, you…

1. Went gaga for ScarJo in Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation

  1. Bid adieu to the Concorde

  2. Coveted Louis Vuitton’s Murakami bags

  3. Signed up for your very first iTunes account

  4. Could still smell meat in the Meatpacking District

  5. Bobbed your head to Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” (admit it)

  6. Read The New York Times headline, “Is Fashion Still Cool?”


  1. Ignored the pilot of Two and a Half Men

  2. Stalked your exes on Friendster

  3. Bought The South Beach Diet in hardcover

  4. Awarded Proenza Schouler the CFDA’s Emerging Talent Award

  5. Thought Katie Holmes would marry her fiance Chris Klein

  6. Were amazed as Lance Armstrong won his fifth Tour de France

  7. Sidled up to Diddy at the opening of a little club called Marquee

  8. Had never been to Brooklyn

  9. Mourned the loss of Fred Rogers of  Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

    17. Protested the brand new war in Iraq; joked about “Freedom Fries”

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