A 3-Step Guide to Building a Successful Online Business by Leading Entrepreneur Stefanie Kogler

by DN News Desk

O​nline businesses are exploding. As brick-and-mortar locations seem to be fading into a thing of the past, online enterprises reap the benefits due to their flexibility and accessibility. As more and more customers look to purchase products and services from the comfort of their own homes, entrepreneurs are optimizing the online marketplace by building scalable businesses from the ground up. Entrepreneur Stefanie Kogler has built a vastly successful online business, and she shares the top three tips on doing it the right way.

Stefanie, a former professional golfer turned lifestyle entrepreneur, has found immense success in turning to the online beauty industry. “I believe in inspiring confidence in other women,” states Stefanie. “That is why I am passionate about working with brands that instill that confidence through the power within.” An official member of the Forbes Business Council and host of the Ladyboss Lifestyle Podcast, Stefanie shares her three pro tips on building an online business.

1​. Find your niche.
“​Don’t be afraid to embrace what makes you unique and step outside the box,” says Stefanie. “Online success is all about differentiating yourself, and you do that by finding your niche.” Stefanie maintains that a niche audience is a more engaged audience because they find your content relevant , your products helpful, and your business applicable to their lives.

2​. Launch your business on the right platform.
A​re you launching an influencer-style business or something more product-based? Stefanie explains you have to choose the right platform for your business and diversify only when it works. “Some models require the interactive nature of social media, whereas others may require something more organized, like an online store,” states Stefanie. “What platform will move your products and services the fastest? Choose that. You don’t have to be on everywhere.”

3​. Don’t be afraid to evolve.
“​Things can change in an instant,” explains Stefanie. “Always be aware of your customers’ needs and evolving opportunities.” Stefanie believes that flexibility has been the biggest driver of her success and strongly advises it to anyone going into online business. Stefanie states further, “Today, technology changes so rapidly, that you’re always vulnerable to the next big viral trend. Loyal audiences won’t go anywhere so long as you are serving them right.”

A​n online business mogul through and through, Stefanie sets the bar for emerging businesses while generously sharing her expertise. “Success is everywhere,” says Stefanie. “There is more than enough to go around.”

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