How to Build an 8-Figure Business from Ground Up, The Anthony Farrer way

by DN News Desk

For the millions of people around the world who know Anthony Farrer, there is the constant wonder and question of how the highly admired entrepreneur grew from nothing to running a multi-million dollar business in a largely unlikely industry. For those who have never heard of him, this is your chance to know the man and his wit; his character and courage; his acumen and knowledge, and above all, the secrets to his success. As we sat on the chair to tap from his in-depth wisdom and learn his methods, Anthony put on his signature reassuring but unassuming disposition, one that tells a story in itself. “How much are you willing to work?” He suddenly asked. We could see that same fire that he passed through, the one through which he refused to get burnt but to get tough. At that moment, we knew we were in for a treat. We were to receive some life-changing tips that will transform our lives forever.

Growing up in Sherman, Texas as a young kid, Anthony Farrer saw the world quite differently. He surmounted the limitations of a humble background and bore the consequences of youthful exuberance to build a wristwatch empire, Gentleman Timepieces that has today grossed tens of millions of dollars in sales. Anthony has shown that the most important tools to build a successful business are a great idea and unrelenting passion. Building a business is like building a house. The size, quality and elegance of the house will determine the amount of work, resources and attention you give to the project. It is the same for a business, says Anthony. There are three things you must have and get right to build a truly successful brand, and Farrer shares them with us.

Desire to solve a problem. That was his motivation from the very beginning. His journey as the Timepiece Gentleman began when he sought to fill a gap he observed in the wristwatch industry. They were no known or trusted dealers in the pre-owned industry. While people wanted to have luxury wristwatches, not everyone could afford brand new pieces. On the other hand, there were those who wanted to sell off their neatly-used luxury timepiece collections. Anthony Farrer became that bridge. “If you’re going to do serious business, you must be meeting people’s needs. Ask yourself what value you’re bringing to the industry. What innovation are you introducing? Why should people patronize you?” He asked.

Ride on your passion. It is easier to succeed at something you love doing. If you always want to step out everyday and do that one thing thing, why not monetize it? However, it must provide value for people. Imagine the joyful lives that people like Lionel Messi and Lebron James are living; doing what they love and making a fortune from it. “Personally, wristwatches have always been a passion. I had a small collection of wristwatches that I put together while living the fast life. I have always loved good wristwatches”, Anthony enthused. Do what you love and find a way to make money with it.

Build Trust. You can never underestimate the place of trust in a business. Trust is what makes people want to come back to you. All over Dallas and across the United States and beyond, Anthony has built a reputation for delivering the right quality at the right time. His commitment to transparency is also one huge advantage as his clients follow everyday of his life and transactions on various social media platforms. Anthony William Farrer says when you combine hardwork and knowledge to the three ingredients above, the sky would only become a launch pad for you. Creating an 8-figure business is certainly a tall order, especially in our highly competitive world, but with the right formula (like the one given by Anthony), you can make your journey less tedious and indeed see your vision turn to amazing reality.

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