Rebecca Sundel: The Model Making Her Mark in Business and Beyond

by Amir Bakian

The modeling industry is among the most competitive to get into. Even with recent changes and progressive thought patterns, some problems will still take time to go away. Entering the modeling industry can be a challenge; however, the road does not end there. You have to make sure you’re always kept in the “mold” of fitness that the industry deems acceptable at all times. Rebecca Sundel is not only a successful and upcoming model but also an entrepreneur and influencer.

While many may be amazed at how Rebecca has made her way in these 3 incredibly tough and demanding industries, that’s just the start. Rebecca is biracial, half black and half white. This is where the core of her challenges began. As she explains, “To be a model is to be white, blonde, blue-eyed, tall, and skinny.” This is the mold of requirements set by American beauty standards, and Rebecca hopes to change this. Rebecca mentions how this beauty standard has spread like a plague throughout the industry and has built up division, discrimination, and stereotypes, making people that don’t necessarily fit the criteria feel as if they’re not good enough.

This drive to change people’s lives and make things more progressive and open started long ago for Rebecca. She used to think of these things as a kid, and now Rebecca looks to inspire women of all colors, shapes, and sizes, making sure they know they’re beautiful. At the age of 23, Rebecca has achieved what many people could only dream of throughout their lives. She is a professional model and entrepreneur with a bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in English. She has also appeared in music videos for popular artists throughout her career, such as Rick Ross, Dimelo Flow, Sech, Lenny Tavarez, Arcangel, De La Ghetto, Justin Quiles, Dalex, Se Le Ve, and more.

While, for many, that is an impressive list on its own, Rebecca has no plans to stop there, and she is also looking forward to getting her master’s in business marketing in the next few years. Rebecca mentions that she always had a complex while growing up, thinking she was either too short or too fat. She mentions that there were never black women displayed as models whom she could look up to, and now she intends to do that for the next generation of women.

When talking about advice and wisdom, Rebecca mentions that you should never give up, and if one door closes, you should keep trying, and another will open. Along with that, Rebecca also stresses the beauty and importance of looking different. She says that if you look different, take it as an advantage that you stand out and always set your own beauty standards. Rebecca also tackles social media and says to never let it or any other kind of media tell you what the standard of pretty or normal is. Rebecca’s story is one that reminds everyone that we are truly unique, and her work will go on to inspire many young women in the future.

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