8 Beauty Essentials for Surviving Mercury Retrograde

by Julia Murphree

Feeling a bit off this week? Was your flight delayed? Did your computer crash? There’s an explanation: Mercury is retrograde. The astrological phenomenon started last Saturday and continues through September 5. Mercury rules communication, truth, and clear thinking (among other things), so when the planet goes retrograde, anxiety is heightened, judgment is out the window, chaos ensues, and stress abounds! We polled industry experts to find out how they stay sane during this chaotic time.

“Meditation is key. Prepare yourself by relaxing your body and mind. Enter this phase in a calm, collected state where you are less likely to get frustrated and overwhelmed. My all time favorite self-care ritual is taking a bath. Being alone with your thoughts and learning to just let go is probably one of the biggest lessons we can all learn.” —Ally Sands, founder of luxury wellness brand Aquarian Soul

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“I would refrain from any big changes like surgeries, or even haircuts! It’s smart to stick to quick and easy makeup routines— and not try anything new or daring. Throw on some BB cream, like Maybelline New York’s Dream Fresh BB Cream, and call it a day.” —Maybelline New York global makeup artist Grace Lee

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Mercury rules the hands and manual dexterity, so this isn’t the time to try liquid liner or anything that requires precision application. The same goes for hair, so go for styling products that are forgiving and can be used all day long, over and over, without any buildup.

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If you must inject color into your routine, choose shades that emit positive energy. Celebrity nail artist Shelly Hill recommends using soft grays, pale pinks, and whites for their calming effects. Shades of lavender also bring calm, as well as balance and peace, and are an excellent option for all skin tones.

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Cyndi Ramirez, founder of Chillhouse and editor-in-chief of TastetheStyle.com, stays sane with regular spin sessions. “I love SoulCycle and try to go three times a week. I always feel better after a good sweat,” she said. Ramirez also gets regular massages at her Lower East Side day spa, Chillhouse. The multipurpose space (part café, part nail bar, part massage parlor) offers countless forms of zen including a “Chill Pill” massage to combat anxiety and an Ube-Bey Latte.

Those interested in embracing the chaotic energy of Mercury Retrograde will want to try Blaq’s new Meteor Shower Scrub. Formulated with activated charcoal and actual meteorite dust from outer space, the product exfoliates, nourishes and rebalances skin while imparting a luminous glow. A unique code on the back of each package can be typed into the brand’s website to reveal which planet the galactic fragments in your scrub fell from. What better way to be one with the universe?

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