10 Things You Don’t Know About…Popsugar’s Lisa Sugar

by Sydney Sadick

Since launching Popsugar over one decade ago, Lisa Sugar has reached millions of women around the globe with her wide range of lifestyle content across topics such as beauty, entertainment, fashion, fitness, food, and parenting, on mobile, video, and social media. What did she do the night before her first daughter was born? How’d she meet her husband? What is she obsessed with collecting? In the latest installment of “10 Things,” Lisa breaks down a slew of facts that you haven’t learned about her before… 

  1. My mom used to dress me and my brother in matching monochromatic adidas outfits: Just look, here!
  2. I went to a Madonna concert the night before my first daughter, Katie, was born: She came two weeks early! We were definitely not prepared. Madonna heard the story through a friend and sent Katie a signed version of her book The English Roses! Katie and I are fans for life. 
  3. I met my husband, Brian, the first week of college at George Washington University: I won his heart with my Sega FIFA soccer skills. He won mine because of his last name, which I had to have being a sugar addict.
  4. My favorite makeup artist is Meredith Baraf, who I have known since I was 10: Although we rarely get to see each other, she has been by my side at some of my most important life events like my wedding day and my book release events for Power Your Happy, which was released last year. 
  5. I have the same drink when I wake up and go to bed every night: For breakfast it’s the POPSUGAR Flat-Belly Smoothieand at night I drink water with lemon.
  6. In high school I had a mood-board/collage on my wall of the Calvin Klein ads starring Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss: Sadly, my parents are finally moving from my childhood home, so it was time to take them down. 
  7. I’d be thrilled sporting adidas Superstars every day of my life:…if I could.
  8. My bathroom is a mess because I literally have 50-75 products on the counter at all times (we don’t have medicine cabinets, and drawers just aren’t the same for organizing): I am a beauty junkie, and I love testing new products. My bathroom looks like a combination of the aisles of Ulta and Bergdorf’s.
  9. I could live off of three things: Pizza, pasta, and Netflix.
  10. I collect blue handbags: It started when I got my first Prada bag as a graduation present from my parents from college and then continued with my first big purchase, which was a Marc Jacobs Stam bag. My current favorite is a navy circle Mansur Gavriel.

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