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Delicious Soundbites From The Front Row!

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From Lynn Yeager to Anna-Sophia Robb, behold a few of the week’s most quotable quotes!

“I’m kind of used to it.”—Carrie Underwood at Peter Som, on getting mobbed in the front row.

“They’re so hideous that I like them. It’s the shoe equivalent of the kid in school that nobody likes. We shouldn’t bully them.”—Lynn Yaeger on wearing UGGs.

“I was much too shy at school, but I suppose it’s never too late.”—Hamish Bowles on his acting ambitions.

“Smiling, and unicorns.”—Michael Carl on what makes him feel pretty.

“I wonder if I’m tall enough to wear anything.”—AnnaSophia Robb on her thoughts during fash shows.

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