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COTERIE New York returns to the Javitz Center from February 20–22, uniting the fashion space through connection and innovation. The show’s new VP of COTERIE, Purvi Kanji, tells THE DAILY what to expect, how the show is going to feel more intimate, and why her professional background gives her a unique perspective on what attendees want to see.

Congrats on your new role! Can you tell us a little bit about your background and what led you to COTERIE?
Before joining COTERIE, I was with Place Showroom in New York City for almost 11 years. I held various roles during my tenure, primarily within sales, marketing, and operations. My final role was as the director of brand strategy, focused on brand building. During my 11 years with Place, I attended the COTERIE show every year and have witnessed its transformation firsthand, which is what inspired me to join the team.

What enticed you about joining the COTERIE team?
Working with COTERIE opens an opportunity to contribute to the rich legacy the brand has established and support the continuation of its evolution. I want to help attract a dynamic mix of brands and retailers, to create a platform that reflects the pulse of the industry as it is today but also anticipates its future trends.

What changes can we expect this season?
Looking ahead, we’re working to create intimate neighborhoods on the show floor, making it easier to navigate. We will continue to make impactful changes that create a better overall experience for everyone.

What new brands are you excited about?
Mercer and Christie Brown are new to the show, and they are both great additions. Another interesting call out for this season is a dedicated neighborhood space on the show floor that will present cold weather capsules and functional outerwear made for winter holidays and skiers’ lifestyle. This space is called Après Ski and will feature Canadian classics, OOF Wear, and Mou boots.

What else are you most looking forward to this year?
I’m most excited to see COTERIE come to life and execute the show from the inside. I’m also looking forward to speaking with our exhibiting brands and retailers to get a better understanding of what they’re looking for from COTERIE in the future. It’s important to have these conversations so that we can give our customers what they need. Our community is a top priority.

You’ve been part of COTERIE for 11 years. How is that perspective impacting your role?
I have watched the show evolve over the past 11 years; with that I bring an extensive amount of knowledge in terms of what attendees want out of trade shows. I will use that perspective to create a space that keeps all attendees engaged.

There are a lot of fashion trade shows out there right now. What makes COTERIE different?
COTERIE brings together a global community of brands and retailers, which exposes our audience to the latest cutting-edge designs from all over the world. More than 30 percent of our exhibiting brands are international. COTERIE also has a strong focus on bringing new brands to market, as well as long-standing relationships with more established brands. It really is the experience on-site that makes COTERIE unique. When you come to our show we want you to feel immersed in fashion, which is why we’re introducing more live activations that incorporate technology like AR/VR.

How is COTERIE shaping the future?
With a focus on three pillars—sustainability, technology, and community. We will continue to push the envelope in fashion. Our hyperfocus on buyer needs and industry research ensures COTERIE stays ahead of demand.

Sustainability has been at the core of COTERIE in recent years. How will you continue to push this message?
Yes, we want to promote actionable sustainable practices throughout the entire industry. Many of our education sessions and activations are built around sustainability in the fashion space. We’re here to serve as a resource for brands that want to learn more about and understand how to implement responsible practices into their business. This supports the retailers as well by providing them with a more robust selection of eco-conscious brands.

We’ve learned over the past few years that retailers and buyers prefer the live experience. What is it about a live show that is special?
I love live shows; the energy in person is incredible! They’re a fantastic place for everyone to network; businesses can create relationships with similar businesses, buyers can see what other buyers are purchasing, and showrooms can look for brands that need wholesale representation. This is a business of connections; our live events make this more personal.

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