Vetements Spring 2016: The Most Talked About Brand at Paris Fashion Week

by Paige Reddinger

Other than Balenciaga (and the Gucci phenomenon), the brand that’s been top of mind for most of the industry during Paris Fashion Week has been Vetements. The label, which launched last year for Fall 2014, consists of Martin Margiela design alumns. Inititally, the brand claimed anonymity due to contractual agreements and a spokesperson told W magazine in an interview that “Vetements came out of us questioning everything we knew about fashion during our lunch breaks. Our only idea at the start was to make clothes that would sell and be worn.” Since then, former Margiela and Louis Vuitton veteran Demna Gvasalia is the name we hear most associated with the brand, although it’s run by both Demna and his brother Guram Gvasalia and their group of friends. This season, we overheard some whispers that it was maybe a little too much of a derivative of Margiela, but mostly tout le monde is going on and on about this brand, and it usually starts with three words: I love Vetements…

“I love Vetements. I think it’s really terrific. I think Denmar is really creative. I wrote a post about this. It’s so interesting to see someone who has that kind of talent to provoke and create energy with clothing.” –Eric Wilson, fashion news director, InStyle

“I love Vetements. That’s the one I was really into. I thought it was great. There was so much energy and it just felt kind of old school and underground. That for me, was just fabulous. Everything. Every single thing.” –Patti Wilson, stylist

“I love Vetements. Love. It’s doing extremely well.” –Natalie Kingham, buying director, MatchesFashion

“The buzziest brand that everyone is excited about is Vetements. Last season’s show was in a basement of a nightclub, but somehow you saw those Vetements dresses on so many women already, and they were the right women in the industry. If I was going to be placing my bets on a brand to watch it would be that one.” –Imran Amed, editor-in-chief, Business of Fashion

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