VANA Botanicals Collaborates With Kylie Jenner on Organic Skincare Movement

by Amir Bakian

Leading US based natural skincare brand, VANA Botanicals, has collaborated with American media personality, Kylie Jenner. VANA, which is founded by South Asian women, will be promoting their organic skincare movement through a giveaway on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page which has more than 300 million followers.

VANA Botanicals has been very keen and vocal about organic skincare, hence, the name. VANA, a word which means forest in Ayurveda, embodies the idea of the company and the movement that blooms from the fact that nature has many secrets and solutions to every problem. They believe natural ingredients are the best for healthy skin and have sourced straight from Mother Nature to produce fresh, high-quality skincare products.

Their products are completely made from natural and organic ingredients derived from nature, including hidden ingredients. Every element VANA Botanicals uses, no matter the amount, is thoroughly researched and tested to provide the best experience to the skin. 

VANA has shown people the benefits of organic skincare products and why it is important to know about all the ingredients, not just the main ones. With the new collaboration with Kylie Jenner, they hope to reach many more people.

“Many shoppers today don’t pay much attention to most ingredients in the products they use, but it is becoming a trend to become more aware. They focus on the main ingredients, and if they are natural, they assume the product is all-natural, which can cause major reactions, especially if it’s a toxic chemical. This is partly the fault of some skincare brands as they don’t include all the ingredients used in their products. Not every brand talks about the hidden ingredients like the chelating agents and the preservatives used, which are equally or rather more harmful to the skin,” the CEO of VANA Botanicals says. They explain that people also don’t understand their skin needs. There isn’t much information, and in most cases, shoppers just go with viral skincare trends or products.

Through the movement, VANA Botanicals is educating people on the importance of knowing all the ingredients, understanding your skin needs, and how certain products react to your skin. VANA Botanicals has a skin type quiz on its website. They encourage their customers to take the quiz before deciding what product to buy. They also share their process, including the ingredients used.

VANA Botanicals uses ingredients like apple stem cells, black seed oil, bearberry extract, chia seed oil, milk thistle oil, hibiscus flower extract, and papaya seed oil. They have done their best to avoid toxic chemicals that may negatively affect the skin. VANA Botanicals has so far discarded over 2000 toxic ingredients known to be destructive to the skin and environment and is looking to shine a light on all harmful chemicals and sensitizing preservatives.

As more consumers embrace natural and organic skincare products, VANA Botanicals, a woman-owned skincare brand, is changing the game. They are challenging what is in existence and showing shoppers why they shouldn’t just focus on the main ingredients and why it is important to know their skincare needs before shopping for skincare products.

 For more information about their giveaway with Kylie Jenner, check their Instagram and other social media accounts.

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