Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Splurge-Worthy Gems For Your Loved Ones!

by Julia Oakes

‘Tis the season of chocolates and diamonds! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time load up your shopping carts with must-have gems for all the special someones in your life. Whether you’re shopping for your S.O. or treating yourself, there’s no better time to spend a little extra on something sparkly. Scroll for our beloved splurge-worthy picks! 

Argyle Drop Earrings, $3,900, Valery Brinda

(Courtesy Valery Brinda)

I Heart Rainbows Bracelet, $18,000, Emily P. Wheeler

(Courtesy Emily P. Wheeler)

18k Gold Diamond Emerald Necklace, $5,950, Kamal

(Courtesy Kamal)

Rainbow Sapphire Bracelet, $14,950, Lindsey Scoggins

(Courtesy Lindsey Scoggins)

Wishbone Charm Pendant, $800, SYNA

(Courtesy SYNA)

Round Swiss Topaz Onyx Ring, $1,705, Dinari Jewels

(Courtesy Dinari Jewels)

Flower Bypass Hoops, $3,650, Nak Armstrong

(Courtesy Nak Armstrong)

Floating Sapphire Heart and Diamond Ring, $2,700, Ri Noor

(Courtesy Ri Noor)

Omega Constellation Mother of Pearl Diamond Watch, $2,990, Swiss Watch Expo

(Courtesy Swiss Watch Expo)

Anniversary Emerald and Diamond Heart Drop Earrings, $6,300, Jemma Wynne

(Courtesy Jemma Wynne)

Gold Charm Bracelet with Vitreous Enamel and Pearls, $4,625, Rondel

(Courtesy Rondel)

Neon Pink Enamel Ring with Diamonds, $6,450, Melissa Kaye

(Courtesy Melissa Kaye)

Custom Name Tennis Necklace, $18,400, Carbon & Hyde

(Courtesy Carbon & Hyde)

Moon Love Token, $1,500, Ashley Zhang

(Courtesy Ashley Zhang)

Eden Drop Earrings, price upon request, Thelma West

(Courtesy Thelma West)

Marquise Cut Diamond Ring, $8,000, Harvey Owen

(Courtesy Harvey Owen)

Uva Drop Earrings, $6,650, Deborah Pagani

(Courtesy Deborah Pagani)

Woman Hugging Man Pendant, $1,200, Neptune Jewels

(Courtesy Neptune Jewels)

Romantica Classic Ruby Ring, $2,760, Ilene Joy

(Courtesy Ilene Joy)

White Gold Double Wrist Cuff, $9,950, Trio By AME

(Courtesy Trio By AME)

Pod Pendant, $1,995, Jolly Bijou

(Courtesy Jolly Bijou)

Tie The Knot Bracelet, $9,000, Future Fortune

(Courtesy Future Fortune)

Eternal Baguette Band, $2,600, Katkim

(Courtesy Katkim)

Fancy Cocktail Ring, $7,350, Muzo

(Courtesy Muzo)

Pink Sapphire Hexagonal Origami Hoops, $5,940, Katherine Jetter

(Courtesy Katherine Jetter)

Dream Shell Chrysoprase Pendant, $2,275, Renna

(Courtesy Renna)

Custom Heart Medallion, $2,995, Foundrae

(Courtesy Foundrae)

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