Tulle, Sparkles, Feathers! Fabulous Made In Italy Brands To Shop Now

by Julia Oakes

As we tread along into the thick of fashion week, we can’t help but dream of out-of-office sabbaticals where the work stops and the fashion tops! And so, we’ve got our eyes set on Italy—specifically with 70 Made in Italy labels ready to show at COTERIE, scheduled to return in NYC from February 27 – March 1. Next up: the swoon-worthy ready to wear your wardrobe has been dreaming about. 


This Italian brand is a force to be reckoned with—namely, with its humble yet statement-making disposition. Located somewhere in the middle of decorated and unassuming, edgy and refined, MeiMeiJ dishes out grade A styles season after season. Just think: protagonist ruffles, puffed sleeves, and modest detailing in just the right places. [Agent name: Marialuna Casoli; Booth number: 6403]


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Queen Moda 

Born on the rocky coast of Positano, Queen Moda’s offering has always been reminiscent of its sun-kissed, corner-of-paradise beginnings. Meticulously stitched and indicative of a day spent on the water, QM’s luxury beachwear selection might as well be a plane ticket to paradise. [Agent name: Maria Gentile; Booth number: 7658]


Operating out of the same Brescian countryside camiceria at which its first shirt was sewn in 1979, high-end ready to wear label Caliban is evidently an enthusiast for clean design and undeniably Italian excellence. Sartorial allure aside, the label’s history is sure to tug heart strings. What’s not to love! [Agent name: Michela Petrali; Booth number: 6524]


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Giovanna Nicolai

Designed for women who are unapologetically themselves, Giovanna Nicolai needs no introduction—and it’s simple to see why. Its high fashion repertoire of made-to-last pieces favor bold silhouettes, tastefully loud prints, main-character fabrics, and a city-meets-Hamptons state of mind. Where do we sign! [Agent name: Daniele Macellari; Booth number: 7909]


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ETiCi’s brand ethos is simple: cool, calm and collected. Operating out of the Carpi district for over 25 years, the womenswear label aims to impress its diverse customer base while maintaining its low environmental impact. And it does—namely, with clean lines, combinable pieces and sleek modernity. Come italiano! [Agent name: Andrea Vignoli; Booth number: 6543]


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Poggianti 1958

Made in Italy since 1958, shirt outfitter Poggianti has always been known for its selection of tastefully bold camicie. Its racks, adorned with colorful patterns and luxurious fabrics (think: velvet, silk, cotton, and more!), continue to set a precedent for what a men’s shirt should look and feel like 60-plus years later. [Agent name: Fabio Bartoli; Booth number: 6426]


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De Santis by Martin Alvarez

Sleek, fashion-forward garb that will make you do a double-take is kind of what De Santis does best. Founded in 1961, the luxury label has grown synonymous with avant-garde style, unfaltering tradition and elegant couture for men and women alike. Always reinventing, always tailor-made, always De Santis! [Agent name: Carmine De Santis; Booth number: 6415]

Alberto Audenino 

For namesake designer Alberto Audenino, the future of fashion is all about sustainable practice and female celebration. What once began with crafting collections from recycled materials has since turned into an internationally-recognized label of seductive, pedestal-worthy, curve-honoring pieces ready for celebration. [Agent name: Alberto Audenino; Booth number: 7737]


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Hubert Gasser 

Clean linens, soft palettes, tailored pleats, soft knits, and breezy silhouettes are Hubert Gasser’s bread and butter. Rooted in design simplicity and effortless elegance, each seasonal collection is a sweet reminder of unhurried, uncomplicated and unpretentious bliss. Save our wallets! [Agent name: Jennifer Gasser; Booth number: 6433]


The Femì mission has remained unchanged since 1969: cult-favorite pantaloni e gonne for women who refuse to sacrifice practicality for poise. Whether you tend to opt for fitted denim or a wide-leg gaucho, Femì will exceed any and all trouser expectations. [Agent name: Francesco Gironacci; Booth number: 6542]


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