Valentina Ferrer Is Having A Moment

by Eddie Roche

While balancing a successful modeling career and family, Valentina Ferrer has also co-founded KAPOWDER, a booming wellness brand. The Argentina-born entrepreneur tells THE DAILY about the all-natural products and what it’s like being in a relationship with her superstar partner, J Balvin. 

What was your upbringing in Argentina like?
I grew up in the mountains. For my family, everything in life is a good time. My mom always says that life is to be enjoyed. If you’re enjoying it, keep doing it. We were a normal family. I was the first person in my family to come to the United States. 

How were you first discovered?
I was discovered in Miami on Lincoln Road. They told me I had to meet [model manager] Erin Lucas. For Latinos, our dream was to come to the U.S. They offered me money for walking a show. With that I could pay for my food and everything. It was a dream. I couldn’t believe how much money I could make in one day. Erin told me I needed to do a book. She said that I could make it, but not in Miami. I had to go to New York. That’s why I moved to New York. 

You went on to become Miss Argentina in 2014!
It taught me so much…to focus on me and not look to everyone else. You are with 100 girls for one month and if you focus on them, you will never have your powers.

What have been some of your favorite memories as a model?
Traveling to new places and meeting new people who have become like family. I love my work! 

Is acting something you’re still going to pursue?
I have focused so much on my brand that I need to come back to acting. I love comedy. I love to laugh at myself. 

Let’s talk about your wellness brand, KAPOWDER.
We’re a women-owned health and wellness company based in Australia. Our company was formed from the mutual desire to offer simple all-natural health products you can trust. We have Enlighten, which is an electrolyte powder with ingestible hyaluronic acid and is great for your skin. We have Enhance, which is a collagen powder that is also great for the skin. Everyone needs collagen! We have Recovery, which is good for relaxation and destressing; it’s a vegan and alkaline blend. We have quite a few different kinds. 

What are the benefits of these products?
Everything is for your skin, nails, and hair, depending on what you use.

How did you get into the wellness world?
I was traveling so much and I’m celiac [an illness caused by an immune reaction to eating gluten]. I was struggling to find food that was healthy to eat and wouldn’t give me allergies. My passion is food. I love to cook. I love going to the supermarket. I thought, how can I show people how to eat healthy with good-tasting food and enjoy it? Something good for your body. You look beautiful, but diets are so bad for you inside. Don’t do a crazy diet. With years and years of working, my business partner, Sara Davey, and I made it happen. 

What are some of the flavors?
We have coconut, chocolate, mocha, and more! 

Sustainability is a part of the business. Talk to us about that.
Our factory in Australia has solar panels and produces zero waste. All our products are natural and plant-based. Our packaging is 100 percent recyclable and/or reusable. We tried from the beginning to be as sustainable as we can. We want to teach everyone how important this is. 

Where can people buy the products?
Right now you can buy on, and at Revolve and Amazon. 

You and J Balvin met on the set of one of his music videos. What’s been the secret to your success as a couple?
I feel the secret is to talk. It’s not easy. Sometimes it’s easier to not talk about the problems, but when you talk, you get to the point and find the problem. You need a person who wants to find the solution. The key is to talk about it. Also, we work so hard all the time that it’s important to organize the calendar so we know we have family time.

Valentina Ferrer and J Balvin  (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

Your relationship gets a lot of attention. How do you feel about being in the limelight?
I feel like I try to control that part a little bit and not show that much. The day you cross that line, you can’t get it back.

How do you deal with the paparazzi?
If you’re nice to them, it’s not that big of a problem. I haven’t had a problem with paparazzi or media yet. One time one person showed [son Rio’s] face and no media put it out.

What’s it like being a mom?
It’s the best! You realize you’re in love when you have a baby. You can love someone so much, but a baby…. It’s something inside you. You can see how he copies you. Rio’s always waiting to hug me. He gave us the balance.

Are you going to have more kids?
I think we need a girl!

It’s Art Basel. Who are your favorite artists?
I love Kos Cos because of his art and him. I’m learning all the time about art.

Are you an artist yourself?
No! J is the artist of the house. He can draw my face perfectly. He’s a creator.

What are your plans for the holidays?
I want to go to Argentina because it’s summer and so much fun. We have a huge family, and we all dance. My dad likes to play the guitar. If I don’t go there, maybe Turks and Caicos! 


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