Tom Ford Takes L.A., Pier59 Sues Milk Studios

by Aria Darcella
Tom Ford

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Tom Ford Presents Fall 2020 to a Bevy of Celebs
If you’re going to hold a fashion show in L.A. on the eve of Oscar weekend, it only makes sense that you fill your front row with A-listers. Everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Catherine O’Hara turned up for the event, all decked out in head-to-toe Tom Ford, of course.

The collection itself was a chic take on laid back loungewear. Drawstring trousers and sweatshirts? Yes, please. “The important thing is the attitude,” Ford mused. “A relaxed, sensual and somewhat louche kind of luxury that must be worn in a way that never, ever looks like you are trying too hard.” The show notes further explain that the collection draws in part from a 1966 Bob Richardson photograph for French Vogue, in which Baron Alexis De Waldner holds a cigarette to Donna Mitchell’s mouth. “I love this image and it’s slightly louche mood,” Ford says. “Chic, possibly slightly stoned, and very sensual. Bob lived in LA for part of this period of his life and while I am not sure where the image was actually taken, for me it conveys the mood of the season and a mood that for me is very LA.”

While sweatshirts might not be the first thing you think of when imagining a Tom Ford collection, the designer believes that he has imbued enough of his trademark sensuality into the proceedings to put his own spin on things. Ford — who claims writing a “laundry list” of silhouettes in traditional show notes is “dull” (we’re with him on this) — took a moment to reflect on designing from a point of authenticity. “Designers that are successful know themselves well on some level, whether consciously or subconsciously, and have a set of core beauty standards and values that are always present in their work,” he said. “This can be hard to maintain as the decades pass but it is the key to remaining relevant, even if there are some seasons [or years] where the kind of clothes that one prefers are not in vogue.”

While our collective ideas of what is sexy, or sensual, change over time, what has likely helped Ford navigate the waves is his quiet attention to tailoring. This is perhaps more apparent in his new sweatsuit looks than any of the suits he has sent down the runway over the years. His cuts, even in relaxed pieces, give the wearer a sense of being effortlessly put together. Ford’s true talent is not necessarily in making anyone look sexy or powerful. It’s in making everyone who wares his pieces look natural.

But as the onslaught of celebrity guests exemplified, eveningwear and red carpet dressing is still a significant part of the equation for his business. Lace gowns made up the bulk of the eveningwear offerings, and for the first time, Ford sent a bride down the runway. “Fresh and hopeful,” he commented. “And hope is something I think that we all need right now.”

Pier59 Sues Milk Studios (Page Six)
Pier 59 studio owner Federico Pignatelli is suing Milk Studios for unfair competition.  According to Pignatelli, Milk has been operating illegally, without proper permits and in violation of city safety standards, for years. In the suit, Pignatelli alleges that Milk is only licensed to use their building in the Meatpacking district as an office, not a film studio, despite the fact that filming often takes place there. This presents a problem when accidents occur, as insurers can use this lack of proper licensing as a grounds to deny otherwise legitimate claims. “I follow all the rules and regulations which means much higher costs,” said Federico. “They compete unfairly and they put at risk the occupants.”

Jordan Barrett Signs With CAA (WWD)
Jordan Barrett is now being represented by CAA in “all areas.” Update your contacts!

Jordan Barrett (PMC)

Monse’s Upscale Grunge
While Ford was shaking up the West Coast, Monse was in New York kicking off the city’s fashion week. Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia took notes from punk and grunge this season. There were safety pin accessories, torn knits, and plaids and flannel abound. Many brands have been dabbling in ’90s throwbacks for the past few seasons, but Kim and Garcia have managed to interpret the theme as their own. Fans of Monse will be happy to see that the duo’s architectural silhouettes and pleating haven’t gone anywhere. The tailoring is inventive and immaculate, as always. More than anything, the collection looks comfortable and cozy — a huge plus for anyone in cold-weather climates who need appropriate office attire.

Abercrombie Finally Embraces Body Positivity (Business insider)
Despite building a brand on models with hyper-idealized bodies — and sizing its clothing to match — Abercrombie & Fitch is finally embracing and celebrating different body types. To promote its signature fragrance, Fierce, the brand released a campaign with a variety of stars, including Megan Rapinoe, Michael Robert Mccauley, Halle Hathaway, and the Compton Cowboys, among others.


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