Tips from Barry’s Bootcamp Superstar Joey Gonzalez

by The Daily Front Row
Joey Gonzalez

Joey Gonzalez

Barry’s Bootcamp superstar, Joey Gonzalez, gives us his fitness mantra, personal truth, and Hamptons go-to spots. 

Fitness philosophy: Never neglect the core staples—the fitness trifecta of strength training, cardiovascular, and flexibility.

Mantra: Lift. Run. Stretch. Repeat.

Personal routine: By summertime, I’m typically in shred mode and try and do a Barry’s class every day. Also, the goal is to eat a clean diet, rich with protein, fresh fruits and vegetables and absent of processed grains and sugar.

For a banging beach body… Age and genetics are big factors, but on average, one month is enough time to bring your body to a noticeably better level.

Major truth: Personally, as more time goes by, it gets more challenging for me. Nobody has ever passed out, but they’ve definitely given up.

Hamptons musts: There has been such a shift in the lifestyle here: People use to see and be seen at restaurants and bars, and now fitness is the epicenter of socialization. My perfect day consists of a Barry’s workout, a light meal, a walk to the beach with my dog, and an evening with rosé, friends, and laughter.

Go-to spots: The Amagansett Lanes is one of my favorite neighborhoods—one of the only spots walking distance to both a beautiful beach and a quaint town (which happens to have a Barry’s). Moby’s is a great spot for both families and the single life. And Breadzilla is always a fun cheat-day delight.

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