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Tinseltown Talk With Dennis Basso And Colin Cowie

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Dennis Basso is a mainstay at New York Fashion Week, but the lively designer is feeling right at home creating bridal bliss for Kleinfelds. The Daily got the scoop on his latest slew of designs! Bonus! Colin Cowie on his buddy.

Your collection featured a red wedding dress! Who’s that for?
My inspiration was the Goddesses of Hollywood, so I could see Rita Hayworth in that. Or for a girl who wants to get married in white. But halfway through the party she changes into that red dress and she’s ready to roll.

Is it for a naughtier girl?
It’s for a girl that may “want” to be naughty, OK?

How about the more traditional looks?
The whole collection was inspired by my Spring RTW collection. I thought about women like Ava Gardner, Jane Russell, and Lana Turner. If those gals got married, what would they be wearing?

You’re liking this wedding world!
I love it. This is my third year. I like that you’re creating a fantasy. It’s all about the bride. It’s a joyous occasion. It couldn’t be any better than that!

PLUS! All About Basso With Colin Cowie
How do you know Dennis?
He’s first and foremost a very good friend. He was one of the first people that I met when I moved to New York 17 years ago. He gave me a warm welcome and introduced me to all of his friends.

Has he changed over the years?
As he gets more famous, he gets more fabulous! He’s unbelievably talented.

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