Theory Launches Theory 2.0

by Kristen Heinzinger

It’s a new gen at Theory! After 20 years in the biz, Theory is diving into the millennial market with Theory 2.0. The initiative, which functions as a mini start-up within Theory, focuses on sustainability and philanthropy and will be run by 28 young talents—referred to as “class 2.0″—that already work within Theory’s teams like marketing, merchandising, and retail. The team will be mentored by Andrew Rosen and other execs at Theory, and are encouraged to tap into their entrepreneurial side, experimenting with new ideas. The first order of action? A ready-to-wear capsule collection of 32 products that focuses on versatility and innovation using modern materials with a lower point of entry. Throughout the year, the Theory 2.0 team will be launching projects, from philanthropic endeavors to designs featuring technical and sustainable fabrics. Every few months, more pieces will be available in Theory stores and at—keep an eye out!

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