The Selects: Seunghee Lee and Hye Young Shin

by The Daily Front Row

The Selects is bringing the best of Korean fashion to NYFW with a presentation on September 8. This year, the group is showing the work of 12 designers across 10 brands. In the days leading up to the show The Daily is catching up with some of these unique talents to learn more about them!


Seunghee Lee of Leyii (The Selects)

How long has fashion been part of your life?
My parent worked in the fashion industry so I was able to play with sewing machines and clothes from early childhood. Working as a fashion designer gives me joy now because I find it the most effective way to style a woman beautifully even though the process is tough.

What inspires you?
Daily things such as art, drawings, plants, and colors rather than specific inspirations. There are many different elements—ranging from women walking down the street to new leaves blooming on a tree in front of me—that I take to balance my designs.

How do you manage the stress of fashion week?
By taking intermittent breaks, during which I like to stretch and eat fruit.

What do you most look forward to after the runway?
I would like to take a beach vacation and read reviews from the show over a glass of wine.

Where can we follow you? 

Leyii, Fall ’19 (The Selects)


Hye Young Shin of WNDERKAMMER (The Selects)

Why did you want to pursue a career in fashion?
I always wanted to design clothes ever since I was young. I’m not sure why, but I knew I wanted to be a designer no matter what and always believed that I would be.

Where does your brand’s name come from?
Before cameras existed, German aristocracy kept their special items in a secret room called a “Wnderkammer.” I want my brand to become this kind of room for modern woman.

Tell me about your fabric choices.
I try not to use leather, especially because I’m a happy mother of three adoring cats. Also, because I am a big advocate of fighting global warming, I try to use more eco-friendly fabrics. I don’t have any special ways for sourcing yet, but try to use eco-friendly fabrics like cotton, silk and lyocell.

What’s your insta? 

Wnderkammer, Fall ’19 (The Selects)

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