CT Hedden Reflects On His Epic Run At Indochine

by Eddie Roche
CT Hedden

After almost seven years at Indochine, CT Hedden is parting ways with the fashion clubhouse for his next chapter. He lets The Daily in on some of his favorite moments and why this iconic spot still resonates after all these years. 

How did your role at Indochine evolve over time? 
Slowly I fell in love with all things Indochine: the culture, the crowd, the ambiance. I paid my dues [as a bar tender] and become full time and then bar lead bar manager. After the pandemic, I was offered the role of assistant manager, which really taught me a lot as the pandemic was a tough time and even tougher for the service industry. Within a year, I became GM and the rest is history.

What have been some of your favorite memories there?
I have hundreds of amazing memories! Quick get your broom because I’m about to drop some names. From my dear Kim Jones throwing his after party for Fendi with Grace Jones and Kim Kardashian, to partnering with my best friend Amanda LePore every New Year’s Eve for six years straight to throw the chicest soirée in town, and hosting my own birthdays here over the years—the memories are endless.

Who have your favorite celeb guests been over the years?
Heather Graham, my besties Ashley Longshore and Dolly Fox , Mario Sorrenti, and Donatella Versace are probably the ones I look forward to the most, always. But honestly, every night is a scene here!

Why do you think Indochine has remained so relevant in the fashion world?
I think curation is the key to longevity. My mentor Jean-Marc [Houmard], who has taught me literally everything, always made it a point. Having the room perfectly seated with Warhol friends on one table and then the next young drag artists at another. The mixing of all walks of life in one room is always bound to create magic in a restaurant.

What have you learned from Jean-Marc?
Jean-Marc really took me under his wing. It’s truly been a mentor/mentee relationship, a father-son one if you will, with me being the stubborn club kid! It wasn’t always the easiest, but I now have a lifelong mentor in that man and I am eternally grateful to him and also Huy his business partner, who manages the ship behind the scenes.

How do you feel about leaving?
Well, I am so happy to be giving DFR the tea! I will still have a home at Indochine…just in a different capacity, as their head of PR. While you might not see me cat walking down the center of the room every night, I’ll still be around for those seeking the much sought-after iconic booths!!

Watch this space….

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