The Assistant Files, Vol. 44: Nicole Glogau, Rebecca Taylor and Beth Bugdaycay

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Multi-tasking is a must for any assistant, but when you have two head honchos to tend to, it’s especially essential. So for this week’s “Assistant Files,” we nabbed a chat with the assistant to Rebecca Taylor and her trusty biz partner, Beth Bugdaycay, who is the CEO and co-owner of the super femme label. They depend on Nicole Glogau to get the job done, but with two easygoing bosses (spoiler alert: they ride the subway!) and a penchant for throwing chic in-store bashes, she makes this gig seem like a breeze. Take it away, Nicole…

Before arriving at Rebecca Taylor, what were you up to?
My first internship was with Kay Unger New York on my summer break while I was still at school at the University of Delaware. Funnily enough, I essentially ended up hiring Kay’s assistant, who was with her for two years. After graduation, I worked with Stacy London on a TV show, but when that didn’t go into syndication, Kay happened to be looking for an assistant. I didn’t even have to interview for the job! After working with Kay for three and a half years, I was looking for a change; something a bit more contemporary. One night, I saw a job listing on StyleCareers for the Rebecca Taylor position and I applied that same night at 9 p.m. By 9 a.m. the next morning I had an email from HR for an interview. 

What happened after that initial interview?
Three days after I interviewed with HR, I met with Beth and Rebecca. Three or so days later I found out I had the job. It was a really quick process. 

How was your first week?
Beth and Rebecca were so welcoming! I remember just getting used to everyone and figuring out how everything works. They never really had their own assistant before me. 

Impressive! So, how did you establish yourself as the very first assistant at Rebecca Taylor?
I got to introduce my own systems, and I think it helped make their lives easier. I think they really needed an assistant. For example, I sent both Beth and Rebecca thank you notes after my interview. When I was two weeks into the job, Beth walked out of her office to tell me that she’d just read my thank you card! 

Fill us in on your daily duties, please!
I always check my emails on my way to work to see if anything needs to be taken care of immediately. When she gets into the office, I’ll let Rebecca know when her first meeting is and if there are any big upcoming events. Then, I’ll order breakfast for Beth. 

Who’s more independent: Beth or Rebecca?
Beth has more access to her calendar and she’s in front of the computer every day, whereas Rebecca is in the design room or at fittings all day, so she doesn’t get to sit at her computer that much. I feed Rebecca a lot of information throughout the day. 

What’s your favorite task to help out with?
I really love event planning because it’s something I have a passion for. Recently, I’ve been working with our retail team and overseeing events at all eight stores. That means I’m talking with all the store managers, getting the events going, and following up with everything. I attend most of the events in New York, when I can. 

Where are those eight stores?
We have three in New York City, one in Westchester, one in Scottsdale, Arizona, one on Robertson Boulevard in L.A., one on Fashion Island in Newport Beach, and one in Atlanta. 

How crazy does NYFW get for you?
Fashion Week is a little crazy. Everyone’s here really late at night, but everyone pitches in. There are no boundaries—everyone’s an intern! You’ll see everyone putting pads in the shoes the day before and it doesn’t matter who you are or what your title is. It really creates such camaraderie. I love that. Plus, we joke around all night! 

What kind of boss is Rebecca?
Rebecca’s very funny. We joke around and we talk about personal stuff. We both have sleeping problems, so we talk about that a bunch. We’re always trying something new to help us sleep better. 

How about Beth?
We bond over shopping and jewelry because she loves buying jewelry! They’re both great to work for.

How often do Rebecca’s kids stop by for a visit?
They usually come in one at a time and they’re so cute! Whenever her daughter Zoe comes in, she sits on my lap, draws pictures for me, and tries to take my nail file, because it’s covered in rhinestones. 

Since Rebecca’s from New Zealand, does she ever get culturally confused?
Before an event she had a while ago, she was like “I need some baubles!” And I had no idea what she meant. It turns out she was talking about hair ties! 

Does she eat kiwis?
I’ve never seen her eat a kiwi. She eats a lot of grapes, though! 

What do you have in common with both Rebecca and Beth?
During my interview with Beth and Rebecca, I recalled an interview Beth did with The Daily, where she talked about how they were both Virgos. I’m a Virgo, too! Also, when I saw Rebecca’s office for the first time, I felt right at home, because I’m really girly. Her whole office is pink: she has pink chairs and a Toile couch. Aside from that, Rebecca and I have a lot in common. We both love to read, we both get nervous before events, and we have funny senses of humor. We make people laugh at inappropriate times, just to lighten the mood. 

What’s lunchtime like around here?
Beth gets the same thing every day. I don’t know how she does it. Rebecca will tell me what she wants, or what she’s in the mood for, but it really depends on the day. She loves Schnipper’s, but she usually eats Pret A Manger a lot. We recently got into ‘Wichcraft. 

Do you ever travel with either of them?
I actually don’t travel with them; they’re really self-sufficient. The PR team goes with Rebecca and Beth on trips, usually. When an event or an appearance is in New York, I definitely go to help out, but that’s it. 

Do you ever run personal errands for Beth or Rebecca?
I’ve definitely walked Beth’s dog before, but that’s only when she had to run out of town. I’ll make some doctor’s appointments and do some returns to stores, but I’ve never had to pick up dry-cleaning or drive their cars.

How does Rebecca get to work?
She takes the subway every day. She loves listening to books on the Audible app, so it’s her time to relax. 

What about Beth?
If she’s going to be in and out of the office for meetings she’ll take the subway, but if she’s just coming into the office for the day she drives. 

How much of your closet is composed of Rebecca Taylor?
I’d say 90 percent at this point. There’s nothing that we make that I don’t like. It’s gotten to the point where I have to start getting rid of things because my closet’s too full. 

How many pieces do you add to that collection per month?
Five, probably. 

Since you started here three years ago, how has your position changed?
It’s definitely evolving right now. I’m still their assistant and I’m working on the retail events, and I’m happy. We’ll see where things go. I’m in both roles and I’m not overwhelmed or anything. I don’t feel like I’m spread too thin. It’s also nice to feel that the company cares about my development. 

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself here, in an events role, full time.

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