Tech Chic! Genius iPhone Tricks For Catwalk Snaps

by The Daily Front Row

As you head off to London (…then Milan, then Paris…), you’ll want to make sure all those Instagram shots looks as chic as possible. Here’s some must-bookmark intel on how to snap glorious pics this season…

Burst mode in iPhone 5s continuously captures 10 photos per second when you tap and hold the shutter in the Camera app.
Capture the entire runway in a single shot with the Panorama feature. Just tap the arrow on the righthand side in the Camera app. 
Instantly share photos and videos on iCloud Photo.

Plus! Top app picks for the front row bound…
Pose, Clothia, Stylebook, Cloth, Trunk Club, Beautified, Vensette, Moda Operandi, Spark Camera, Storehouse – Visual Storytelling, and Heyday. 

And! Our pals at Instagram gave us the scoop on scoring pitch-perfect shots…
How can people take better pics on Instagram with an iPhone?   
There are a ton of simple ways to help photos look better using Instagram. For example:
·     To make sure your subjects are in focus, tap on the screen when it’s incamera mode and it automatically hones in on what should be in focus.
·      In editing mode, you can change the exposure, straighten a lopsided shot and even change the where the light hits your subject. 
·     Use borders to frame your picture and use one of Instagram’s many filters to transform an average shot into a masterpiece  – whether it’s “Lo-Fi” to bring out the contrast of colors, or “Inkwell” for a black and white classic.  
·     Add relevant captions and hashtags (i.e. #fashionweek) to your photos and videos in the description area to not only add context to the images you are sharing but it’s also a great way to find new followers, connect with other fashion fans and share your posts with more people.

A lot of catwalk shots are blurry and out of focus. Is there a better way to shoot runway?
When snapping Instagram pictures at shows during Fashion Week, you can use the auto exposure/auto focus lock found on your iPhone’s default camera (if you are using an iPhone) and tap the screen to find the best focus and exposure. Also, avoid tapping on a location in your shot that is very light, as it blows out the entire image.  And Lighting is key. Make sure to avoid grainy photos and videos by capturing content in a well-lit area. The more well-lit your photo or video is, the more vibrant and sharp it will be. 

Any other tips on how to get the best pics possible?
Yes! Here are a few of our favorites:
·        Focus on the eyes or nose of your subjects rather than the head or chin.
·        Experiment with depth of field. Get close to your main object like flowers, jewelry or food and let all of the objects in the distance blur.
·        Follow the rule of thirds to create balance. This means that if you break the image into an imaginary 3×3 grid, anything of importance
 should be placed along the grid lines and/or at their intersections. For example, the end of a runway platform line in uour shot should be positioned directly on one of your horizontal grid lines and a model in the forefront should be placed at the intersection of two lines. 
·        And finally, instead of a head-on perspective, try unexpected angles (from above, below, side) for more interesting pictures and videos.

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